Healthcare at Home: Why Consider Online Doctor Consultations

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Teleconsultations have become part of the new normal since the pandemic started. As staying at home became the most important safety measure, doctors and patients turned to the digital space to continue health check-ups and treatments.

Here at The Hospital at Maayo, we’ve observed more people making teleconsult appointments during the pandemic, the virtual check-ups covering a range of health issues. Our highly skilled medical personnel offer efficient and reliable online consultations, with the same high-quality care in typical, face-to-face appointments.

Given the downward trend in the number of coronavirus cases though and the easing of lockdown restrictions over the past month, you’re probably wondering if it’s still worth doing online consultations with your doctor. The short answer is yes.

While offering top-notch medical services in Cebu, we also advocate online consultations because of these reasons:

Why consider online consultation?

In a nutshell, online consultations offer the utmost convenience and promote safety amid the pandemic. After the health crisis, it’s likely to remain a helpful tool for patients for the following reasons:

1. You get necessary medical attention without the hassle.

Teleconsult appointments are health check-ups that are one click away. Since it only requires logging on to a video conferencing platform, you can do away with all the typical preparations for a hospital or clinic visit, including taking a bath and dressing up, traveling, filling up health declaration forms, waiting in queues, and more. As long as you have a stable internet connection, you’ll be able to consult a physician.

What’s more, you can schedule your online doctor consultation at your most convenient time, say, during your work break or before or after work. Put simply, in teleconsult appointments, you get the medical advice you need without the hassle.

At The Hospital at Maayo, online consultations can be done via mobile phone, tablet, or computer. It’s open from 8 AM to 5 PM. The hospital prioritizes providing easy access to such services, as it’s an important factor for patients choosing among online consultation solutions.

2. You save time and money.

Beyond the convenience, another thing that makes consulting doctors online beneficial for patients is the savings. Since you can do away with the travels, you get to save money on transportation.

The money you keep in your pocket can serve as extra funds for your medicines and future online consultations. At The Hospital at Maayo, the rate for teleconsult services starts at P350.

Piggy Bank with CoinsPhoto courtesy of Skitterphoto via Pexels

Aside from money savings, you get to save time, too. Remember, there’s no need to travel to the hospital and wait in queues. The time you save here can be spent on extended bonding activities with your loved ones or longer sleep and rest at home.

3. You can receive urgent care.

Some health concerns require immediate attention but are not life-threatening, including eye irritation, sinus symptoms, coughs, ear pain, rashes, diarrhea, migraine, and back pain. In these cases, the convenience of teleconsult appointments translates to the comfort of the patient. It’s difficult to travel with an upset stomach or a throbbing headache. Fortunately, with online consultations, you can stay put at home and still get the medical advice you need.

Woman Suffering from a Stomach PainPhoto courtesy of Andrea Piacquadio via Pexels

Do note however that there are urgent health concerns that require a physical visit to the doctor. These include chest pain, slurred speech, seizures, and asthma, among others. Call your local clinic or hospital to know if your condition is suitable for a teleconsult appointment.

4. You can consult even with mobility issues.

Most older folks and people with disabilities struggle to go to the doctor and keeping up with the appointments because of mobility issues. It’s a huge hassle to drive or take public transport. In some instances, it’s even dangerous, especially for those who go by themselves. Online doctor consultations are much more convenient and safer. With this option, you only need to visit the hospital when going for executive check-ups or treatments.

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5. You easily secure a prescription.

A lot of people visit clinics and hospitals for the primary purpose of getting a prescription for an existing health condition. But often, patients aren’t able to take a break from their busy schedule to visit the clinic and see their doctor, which then results in going off medicines for a period of time.

Prescription drugs on an orange backgroundPhoto courtesy of Christina Victoria Craft via Unsplash

The thing is, this can be easily addressed with telemedicine. Philippines-based health providers can issue e-prescriptions or electronic documents containing a patient’s medical prescription with the electronic signature of a licensed physician.

This can be in PDF, JPEG, or other file formats, sent via different channels, including email and messaging apps (Messenger, Viber, WhatsApp, etc.).

Online consultations remove the hassle of obtaining prescriptions from your physician and reduce the likelihood of discontinuing medications.

6. You can seek a second opinion without the hassle.

For critical health matters, second opinions are valuable. You get to know more about your condition, choose better treatment options, and prepare for the long-term effects of your decision. Yet, many refuse to seek second opinions partly because of the hassle it takes.

Travel alone to the hospital discourages people from seeking expert advice from another healthcare practitioner. In the end, they settle for their initial diagnosis and treatment plan, losing the opportunity to make a better, more well-informed health decision.

Stethoscope and Laptop ComputerPhoto courtesy of National Cancer Institute via Unsplash

Even without stepping outside your home, you can get a second opinion. When you book online consultation services in The Hospital at Maayo, you can have the peace of mind that the doctors offering advice are competent and experienced.

We have over a hundred doctors specializing in various branches of medicine, from pulmonology and ophthalmology to infectious disease and internal medicine down to obstetrics and gynecology. You’ll easily find a doctor for your health concerns.

7. You understand your health better.

Because you’re not physically with your doctor, there are instances in the online consultation where you have to do the examination yourself. For example, you may be instructed to feel the lump in your stomach and describe it, or take your body temperature.

The doctor will then offer various explanations for different scenarios. Because you’re actively involved in the process, you get to know your body better. You’ll probably find yourself asking better questions about your health.

Cinical thermometerPhoto courtesy of Markus Spiske via Unsplash

8. You can have a relative from overseas join you.

It’s common for people to have their loved ones with them during health check-ups. In the case of online consultations, you may have company present, but make sure to confirm with your doctor when you set your appointment. Even those from other parts of the country or the world can join the teleconsult.

More than the emotional support, your loved one may be able to provide more context to your family’s health history. This can help the online doctor in medical assessments.

Woman working at homePhoto courtesy of Ketut Subiyanto via Pexels

9. You’ll be safe from catching diseases.

The reason teleconsult rose to popularity is the need to reduce close, physical contact with people as much as possible and curb the spread of the coronavirus. Even after the pandemic, online doctor consultations will still be the norm, especially for those people who need to lessen their exposure to the sick staying in clinics and hospitals. These include pregnant women, elderly folks, and patients who are chronically ill and immunocompromised.

What’s more, it’s hassle-free, convenient, and practical for consultations that may not need physical visits.

Anonymous people waiting in spacious corridorPhoto courtesy of billow926 via Pexels

10. You don’t have to be a techie to consult online.

Many are intimidated by online consultation because it’s fairly a new technology in the Philippines. But the truth is, the process is simple you don’t have to be tech-savvy to make it happen. Think of it as simply talking to your loved ones on video chat or Zoom.

An Old Woman Using A LaptopPhoto courtesy of cottonbro via Pexels

The process starts with booking the appointment. At The Hospital at Maayo, you can register at Then, settle the consultation fee through digital channels, Paymaya, GCash, or BDO. After that, you simply have to log into your preferred online channel on your booked schedule and see the online doctor.

How to prepare for an online consultation

Similar to a face-to-face consultation, a virtual appointment requires preparation. You’ll be able to make the most of your time with the physician when you follow these steps:

Ensure that your internet connection is stable.

The last thing you want during your online checkup is choppy audio and a video feed that keeps freezing up. Find a spot in your home where the internet connection is the strongest. It’s also good to have a backup, say, mobile data or pocket WiFi in case your main connection source acts up.

Find a quiet, undisturbed spot.

While it’s important to go to a spot where the internet connection is strong, you must also consider privacy in choosing where to see your online doctor. You may discuss sensitive health information in the course of the consultation. The physician may also ask you to do some physical examinations, which you may not be comfortable doing while other people are looking on. The bottom line is, to find a private space in your home.

Have a tech test.

Check if your audio and video are working. If possible, call a loved one or friend and ask if you can be heard and seen clearly. While you’re at it, explore video settings. You may touch up your appearance using filters or change your background if ever you want to conceal the clutter in the room.

Write down your symptoms.

With this, you can easily raise them to the online doctor and also make sure that you don’t forget anything. As you take note of the symptoms, it’s also good to record when you first experienced them and how frequently they occur. Write down your health questions, too. Once you’re in the consultation already, jot down your doctor’s advice to avoid forgetting them.

Key Takeaways

Teleconsult appointments are here to stay even after the pandemic. In a nutshell, the reason you should consider online check-ups because they are:

  • Convenient. You won’t have to travel long distances or wait hours to get the medical advice you need.
  • Comfortable. You can jump into the virtual meeting at the comfort of your home, even while in your pajamas, at least from the waist down.
  • Uncomplicated. You don’t have to be a tech master to consult a doctor online. It’s much like talking to friends and loved ones on video chat.

Ready to give online health check-ups a try? Schedule an appointment at The Hospital at Maayo today.

The First-Timer’s Guide to ECG Tests

Person Wearing Blue and Black StethoscopePhoto courtesy of Karolina Grabowska via Pexels

Is it your first time going through ECG tests? The Hospital at Maayo has got you covered!

Most often than not, scheduling a consultation can be unnerving. Don’t let the process overwhelm you. The team at The Hospital at Maayo offers a much simpler guide as you go through ECG tests.

The Hospital at Maayo is composed of a team of world-class doctors in Cebu who will cater to your medical needs. With certified cardiac and vascular sonographers and cardiologists, you’ll surely have the most convenient and safe medical care experience.

Our cardiovascular health unit in Cebu provides excellent ECG tests with exceptional care. As a medical institution endorsed by the Department of Health and the first medical tourism center outside of Metro Manila, you get to enjoy high-quality medical service in Cebu that meets international standards at a reasonable cost. In this guide, we’ve rounded up all the things you need to know about ECG tests as a first-timer.

Why are ECG tests important?

Electrocardiogram (ECG) tests are done to monitor and evaluate the condition of the heart. ECG tests are important in providing early detection and treatment in order for you to avoid any further complications of the heart that might lead to crucial risks.

If you are experiencing sudden chest pains, dizziness, palpitations, breathing and other heart problems, it’s the best time to visit your local cardiologist. Here are the signs that you should watch out for.

Types of ECG Tests: A beginner’s guide

Before going into the nitty-gritty details, it’s important to understand the different types of normal ECG tests. There are 3 primary types of ECG that you should be familiar with:

  1. A resting ECG – This is the most common ECG machine test that evaluates and measures the electrical rhythm of your heart at rest. Hence, the name. With a resting ECG, you will be advised to lie down and relax for about five minutes.A series of electrodes, placed onto your skin with small sticky pads, will record the electrical activity in your heart throughout this period. This procedure takes about 10 minutes overall and is usually done in a clinic or hospital.
  2. A Stress or Exercise ECG – While pedaling an exercise bike or walking on a treadmill, this test is used to record your ECG, specifically the heart’s response to stress or exercise. It takes roughly 15 to 30 minutes to complete this type of ECG.
  3. A Holter Monitor – This refers to a wearable device that records the rhythm of your heart and its electrical activity for 24 hours. This testing is conducted mostly at home and lasts between three and ten days.

The Hospital at Maayo also offers an implantable loop recorder that is used as a heart monitoring device. As an implanted device, the loop recorder is placed beneath the skin of your chest. It works much as the electrocardiogram does, but the loop recorder enables continuous remote monitoring of your heart’s electrical activity by looking for anomalies that could lead to heart palpitations and more.

The first-timer’s guide to the ECG process for the heart

Depending on your healthcare provider, an executive check-up may include a variety of lab tests and procedures to gain a complete picture of your physical condition. So If you’ve finally decided to go through with certain ECG tests, then this guide best suits you. This section is divided into three parts to further simplify the process for you. It is up to you to have a clear understanding of each phase mentioned herein.


While a standard ECG requires no extra preparation, you can talk to your doctor about any medications or supplements you’re currently taking as these can affect findings on your ECG. Before your ECG test, here are some things to consider:

  • Consider timing
    Timing is important. Before getting started with ECG tests, make sure that you properly gauge the amount of time needed for the test. If you’re getting an ECG as part of a doctor’s appointment, plan on spending an extra 10 minutes on the test to accommodate registration and check-in process.
  • Consider the location, where it will be done
    ECG tests can be conducted in various locations such as the hospital, a clinic, or even at the office of your healthcare provider. Sometimes, an ECG test may also be conducted in the same exam room where you are consulting the doctor. In some cases, your local doctor may have a separate area where you’ll need to go for the ECG test.
    When having your ECG test at The Hospital at Maayo, you get to enjoy the pleasant waiting lounges and clinics, which are housed in a green building and constructed with a hotel-like environment for easing your mind.
  • Be mindful of what you eat and drink before the exam
    Generally, fasting is not required before the test. However, it is still recommended to be mindful of what you eat and drink before taking the ECG test. Just like preparing for any clinical testing, it’s best to gauge the overall condition of your body by getting sufficient nutrients that it needs. If you want to change the way you eat and drink to better prepare for ECG tests, it’s the right time to start with a healthy lifestyle. You can check out this article about promoting nutrition and wellness at home.
  • Gather the items that you need to bring (test order form, ID, insurance card, etc.)
    Before your scheduled ECG test, prepare valid IDs and insurance cards that might be needed to complete the test. Most medical institutions are legally bound to gather information from their patients. The Hospital at Maayo hands out test order forms or identification forms for recording, safety, and security purposes. To avoid any delays, prepare these items early.


Keep in mind that during the ECG tests, the steps may vary depending on the condition of your heart or what your cardiologist prescribes,

  • You will be asked to change into a hospital gown
    In the testing room, you’ll be requested to change clothes and wear a hospital gown to ensure proper testing. The technician will keep your privacy by covering you with a sheet or gown and only exposing the skin that is required for the test. Any jewelry or objects you have with you will also be asked to be removed.
  • Attaching electrodes
    Electrodes (or the plastic patches that stick to the skin) will be attached to certain areas on the arms, chest, and legs. Up to twelve electrodes may be attached to the limbs and chest; this is the standardized placement to record an efficient trace. The wires of the electrodes are connected to the monitor which shows the information for ECG interpretation.
  • Remain still asmovement can disrupt the pattern
    For the test, you will lie flat on a table or bed. It’s critical that you lie still and don’t talk throughout the ECG so that the tracing will be accurate as possible. The technician may enter identifying information about you into the machine’s computer once the leads are attached. The electrocardiogram (ECG) will be started. The tracing will be performed in a short amount of time, usually about a few minutes.


After your ECG tests, you are free to go back to your normal routine, unless your doctor prescribes a different diet for you. Once you are done with the test, your local healthcare provider will explain the results of your ECG test.

  1. Electrodes are removed
    The technician will remove the leads and disconnect the skin electrodes once the tracing is complete. You might notice sticky matter that remains from where the electrodes have been, but the removal of the electrodes is the least of your concern as the electricians at The Hospital at Maayo are trained to provide careful medical attention and quality care.
  2. Wait for the results
    Depending on the condition of your heart, your doctor may discuss the results with you and explain different aspects of the heart diagram. Your results will show:

    • Heart rate – Unless the doctor explains a more definitive interpretation, a normal heart rate at rest is 60 to 100 beats per minute. When there are fluctuations in your heart rate, you can see it on the ECG results.
    • Blood and oxygen supply – An ECG result also shows whether you have a reduced blood flow that might be causing problems in your chest.
    • Heart rhythm – This simply refers to the electrical activity coming from the sinus node.
    • Heart structure – Any change in your heart’s structure (an enlargement of the heart) gives a clear sign of other heart problems or defects.

Keep in mind that while the ECG can be used to provide a definitive diagnosis of some cardiac disorders, such as cardiac arrhythmia or heart surgery, it is most commonly employed as a screening test. As a result, anomalies on the ECG are frequently followed by a more conclusive test in order to provide a definitive diagnosis.

person writing on white paperPhoto courtesy of Towfiqu barhuiya via Unsplash

What’s great about an ECG test is that it is a non-invasive test that doesn’t require any further medications (such as sedatives) or recovery time. After your ECG test, you can go back to your usual activities.

Key takeaways

First-timers and seasoned professionals alike can use this guide to manage expectations when it comes to ECG tests. You’ll be able to properly anticipate anything you need to prepare before, during, and after your ECG test. As takeaways, remember to equip yourself with the proper preparation, pay close attention to your heart, and invest in your health for the long run.

  • Equip yourself with the right mind and preparation. ECG tests need not be complex. Remember that ECG tests are more relevant than ever, especially since the current pandemic continues to loom over. The bottom line is: you can’t afford to face heart issues in the most unfortunate time.
  • Pay close attention to your heart. To have better heart health in the long run, create a healthier approach to your lifestyle and diet. You’ll be surprised how even the smallest change can create the biggest impact.
  • Invest in your health for the long run. This means getting regular check-ups by professionals to ensure that you’re in tiptop shape. Knowing the necessary protocols and incorporating them in your lifestyle can do wonders for the mind and body.

If you’re in Cebu and currently having issues with the condition of your heart, it’s the perfect time to book an appointment with a local cardiologist. For a quick checkup, call us at +63 (32) 888 2662 or 0998 962 1234 or inquire today at The Hospital at Maayo.

Everything You Need to Know About Congenital Anomaly Scans

When it comes to patient wellness, The Hospital at Maayo is definitely the first choice. The Hospital provides premium healthcare with lower costs, faster procedures, and a rejuvenating hospital ambiance that will help you fully recover.

And true to its beliefs and values, The Hospital at Maayo prioritizes every woman’s wellness in all stages of their lives. With pregnancy being one of the most life-changing and delicate experiences for any woman, The Hospital offers the best women’s wellness procedures tailored for this special health condition, one being the Congenital Anomaly Scan.

Congenital Anomaly ScanPhoto courtesy of Omar Lopez via Unsplash

What is a congenital anomaly scan?

A congenital anomaly scan, also known as a mid-pregnancy scan, takes a close look at your baby and your womb (uterus). This scan helps would-be mothers to find out about the possible problems or concerns regarding their baby’s development.

There are lots of conditions that can be detected through the anomaly scan, which can be treated early on or after your baby is born. Through these scans, your healthcare provider can give the best treatment and care for you and your baby.

congenital anomaly scanPhoto courtesy of Camylla Battani via Unsplash

6 things you need to know about congenital anomaly scans

Pregnancy is an exciting time for most women, but also a delicate phase for would-be mothers. To put yourself at ease, a congenital anomaly scan can be very helpful in finding out your baby’s condition, and also sharing in the wonderful moment of your baby’s development with your husband or family.

But aside from those things, here are some vital facts that you should know about congenital anomaly scans.

1. There’s an expectation and then there’s the reality.

When it comes to health, we should never second guess how our entire body is doing. We cannot just skip health checkups just because we are feeling fine, especially in pregnancies.

The congenital anomaly scans ensure that you know exactly how your baby is doing. You cannot exactly see and base your baby’s development from simply relying on what you are feeling, so you should always expect the best and the worst. While we cannot truly avoid unfortunate cases where babies may have some development problems in any course of your pregnancy, at least scans can help in early detection and treatment.

2. A congenital anomaly scan takes 30 minutes.

The congenital anomaly scan only takes half an hour, so you don’t have to worry much about spending hours on this procedure. Rest assured that your sonographer will keep you comfortable while giving a comprehensive examination and explanation on your baby’s conditions.

congenital anomaly scanPhoto courtesy of Daria Kopylova via Unsplash

3. Congenital anomaly scans are done at about 20-28 weeks.

Though the scan is best known as the 20-week scan to some healthcare experts, it may also be done within 20-28 weeks. The said duration is the most ideal for this scan since your baby’s body structure (skin, arms, legs, internal organs, etc.) should have been developed at this time.

For this reason, sonographers get to have a better look at possible conditions concerning your baby’s structural development. But take note that not all conditions may be spotted in this scan, so it is still important to have your executive health-checkups during the course of your pregnancy.

4. A congenital anomaly scan detects spina bifida, cleft lip or palate, or cardiac abnormalities.

One of the significant reasons why you need to get anomaly scans is because they help detect congenital abnormalities. Some of them are:

  • Spina bifida – a condition where the baby’s spine and spinal cord didn’t form properly.
  • Cleft lip or palate – a condition where the baby’s lip tissue didn’t join properly.
  • Cardiac abnormalities – conditions where the baby’s heart structures have defects.
  • Edward’s syndrome – a condition where the baby has extra chromosome 18, which causes severe disability.

There are other conditions that can be detected through anomaly scans. While some conditions can be treated or can still be given interventions once your baby is born, some conditions can be life-threatening. But take note that some conditions may be harder to detect in anomaly scans alone, so ensure that you always consult your doctor.

congenital anomaly scanPhoto courtesy of Cassidy Rowell via Unsplash

5. It is perfectly safe for you and your baby.

There are no medical risks for you and your baby when it comes to taking congenital anomaly scans. Through years of medical research, scans are proven to be safe, and do not have the same risks of X-rays for babies.

Having a congenital anomaly scan also ensures your baby’s safety. It will help you make better decisions with your husband or family, if there should be an unfortunate event when your risk for miscarriage or other health conditions will be detected.

6. There are available services for you should any issue be detected.

The Hospital at Maayo values your life and the baby that you are carrying. With that said, there are lots of premium medical services that The Hospital can offer from diagnostic tests, to therapeutic care, and other special treatment services.

congenital anomaly scanPhoto courtesy of Omar Lopez via Unsplash

Congenital anomaly scan process

During the congenital anomaly scan, your sonographer will take a good look at the different parts of your baby’s body. To start the procedure, you’ll be asked to lie on a couch and to lower your pants to your hips. You would also have to lift your top to your chest so that your abdomen remains uncovered.

After that, the sonographer will place tissue paper around your clothes to protect from the scan gel. This gel will be put on your tummy, where the handheld probe would be used to scan the body of your baby.

To give you an idea of what you’ll look at during the congenital anomaly scan, here are the usual processes that sonographers will do:

  1. The sonographer will look at the head and brain of your child. Brain conditions, though rare, will be visible at this stage.
  2. The baby’s face will be checked, and this is when cleft lip or palates are detected.
  3. The baby’s spine is examined to check if the bones are forming properly and the baby’s skin is covering the spine.
  4. The baby’s abdominal wall is next. The sonographer checks if all internal organs are covered.
  5. The sonographer checks the baby’s heart, especially the major veins and arteries to ensure that they carry blood to and from your child’s heart.
  6. The baby’s stomach is also examined, where you will see the amniotic fluid that your baby is lying in. It usually looks like a black bubble.
  7. The baby’s kidneys are next to be examined, and the sonographer checks if your baby has two kidneys.
  8. Your baby’s other body parts such as arms, hands, feet, and other parts of the body to check if they are complete.
  9. The placenta and umbilical cord is also checked as well, in case there may be problems with the placement of your baby’s umbilical cord.

Congenital anomaly scanPhoto courtesy of Aditya Romansa via Unsplash

Why do I need to have this scan done?

The idea of doing the congenital anomaly scan, especially the possibility of detecting a condition, can be a nerve-wracking experience for any would-be parent. But it helps put your mind at ease that your baby is growing just fine, and also helps you decide on your next course of action should your baby have health conditions present.

Usually, your sonographer will recommend you to get another series of tests just to be sure about your baby’s condition. Your healthcare provider will explain the reasons for such tests, and how these procedures are done.

Take note as well that in some cases, you might be asked to do another congenital anomaly scan. Don’t worry too much as anomaly scans are sometimes repeated for different reasons. For example, the most common reason is that the sonographer was not able to see everything clearly because (1) your baby is not in the best position for the scan or (2) you are overweight.

To clarify, being overweight can make the scan images less clear. Scans use safe, high-frequency waves to get a better scan of your baby. So if you have more body fat, these waves make it difficult for the waves to pass through.

There are lots of things that can happen in your nine months of pregnancy, so it is important to check on you and your baby’s condition throughout those months. Regular checkups and taking the recommended procedures like congenital anomaly scans help avoid unfortunate health problems in this wonderful moment of your life.

If you have concerns or questions on your pregnancy, book an appointment at The Hospital at Maayo for all your healthcare needs.

11 Professional Dental Services at The Hospital at Maayo

This dental clinic in Cebu offers the best care for your teeth and gums like no other medical facility. From different types of dental treatments like cleaning, oral prophylaxis, dentures, periodontics, and more, The Hospital at Maayo got your back.

If you’re planning to have your pearly whites taken care of and are wondering which type of dental treatment is the best for you, then you came to the right place.

This article will discuss the different varieties of dental procedures that The Hospital at Maayo offers so you can book an appointment today. Read below to learn more:

Is dental care a form of self-care?

dental carePhoto courtesy of Shiny Diamond via Pexels

The short answer is yes! Personal care and pampering yourself doesn’t just include going to spas and getting massages. Dental care should be a top concern because besides keeping you away from common problems such as plaque build-up and tooth decay, good dental hygiene also gives evident proof that you are taking care of yourself thanks to your radiant bright smile.

It’s unfortunate that the idea of dental hygiene in the Philippines is limited to brushing teeth when there are a plethora of types of dental treatment that they are neglecting.

But keep in mind there’s nothing to worry about! Dentists at The Hospital at Maayo understand your inhibition to some medical procedures that may involve surgery and that is why they are willing to help you get through it along the way. This attentiveness to their patients is why there are many reasons people love The Hospital at Maayo in Cebu.

13 Dental treatments available at The Hospital at Maayo

Now that you are aware of why dental hygiene is an integral part of your personal care, here are the types of dental treatments you can avail at The Hospital at Maayo. Find the most trusted and professional doctors in Cebu at The Hospital at Maayo to get premier medical attention. Read about the best dental procedure that you need below:

1. Oral prophylaxis

Oral prophylaxisPhoto courtesy of Jarmoluk via Pixabay

Prevention is better than cure. Dental treatments such as oral prophylaxis are designed to help reduce the risk of gum and tooth diseases to help avoid further complications to your dental health.

Oral prophylaxis involves the breaking down and removal of plaque and tartar that have built up on your teeth. It involves expensive and leading technologies in dentistry that ordinary clinics do not have. Among the benefits of The Hospital at Maayo as your healthcare provider is that this medical facility is equipped with the top equipment in medical care not only in dentistry, but also for other health procedures.

Oral prophylaxis is done primarily for dental health to avoid tooth decay and not for aesthetic reasons.

2. Restorative dentistry

Restorative dentistryPhoto courtesy of Quang Tri Nguyen via Unsplash

Nothing is too late when it comes to oral and dental health. The Hospital at Maayo also offers restorative dentistry for those people who have a renewed interest in taking care of their teeth.

Restorative dentistry involves dentistry procedures that involve the treatment of oral conditions affecting the teeth, gums, and jaw.

Among the most common dental problems include bleeding gums, jaw clicking, and worn teeth. These are usually problems caused by individuals who think of dental health as an afterthought.

So don’t lose hope if you think that it’s too late for you to have a glowing healthy smile. The Hospital at Maayo has the leading dental experts in the Philippines who are ready to work with you to restore your smile and your confidence to yourself.

3. Composite restorations

Composite restorationsPhoto courtesy of Enis Yavuz via Unsplash

To ensure that your dental health is as good as new, The Hospital at Maayo also offers composite restorations besides restorative dentistry.

While the last procedure focuses on attending to your dental health, composite restorations on your teeth are primarily done for aesthetic reasons. It includes cosmetic improvements of the smiles by changing the color of the teeth or reshaping disfigured teeth.

4. Laminates

Dental laminatesPhoto courtesy of Maxim Goncharenok via Pexels

If you care deeply about the way your teeth look, then dental laminates are the best for you.

Dental laminates are done to cosmetically improve the appearance of one or more teeth. This involves thin shells that are bonded to the front of your teeth to create a more pleasing visual appearance.

You shouldn’t be worried about these thin shells damaging your teeth since dentists at The Hospital at Maayo will examine your teeth first so they can plan ahead how to apply the laminates on you.

5. Inlays and onlays

Inlays and onlaysPhoto courtesy of Anna Shvets via Pexels

Restoring the structure and appearance of your teeth is important before it is completely damaged. That is why dentists recommend inlays and onlays to restore not only its appearance, but also its health.

Inlays and onlays address tooth decay on your teeth. It is done to repair your rear teeth with mild to moderate cracks, and fractures from decay that are not sufficiently damaged. These are done as an alternative to crowns since it doesn’t involve replacing the still healthy structure of your teeth.

Inlays fit in smaller grooves of your teeth while onlays are fitted to larger cusps. Your dentist will help you decide which procedure fits your needs better.

6. Removable partial dentures and complete dentures

Removable partial dentures and complete denturesPhoto courtesy of Diana Polekhina via Unsplash

Completely damaged and missing teeth should be a wake up call for those who are still not in touch with a dentist. Dentures are designed to address this problem and these are available at The Hospital at Maayo. This dental treatment has two types: removable partial dentures and complete dentures.

Removable partial dentures are done by creating teeth replacements that are attached to pink or gum-colored plastic bases. The Hospital at Maayo offers one that is attached to metal frameworks to make your dentures sturdier and more resistant to damage.

On the other hand, complete dentures are similar to partial dentures but this procedure makes use of a gum-colored acrylic base attached with plastic or porcelain teeth.

Dentists at The Hospital at Maayo will always find a way to restore that beautiful smile on you even if you have given up on your dental health. Ask your dentist today which kind of denture will fit you.

7. Odontectomy

OdontectomyPhoto courtesy of Sammy Sander via Pixabay

A toothache is a clear indication that you need to visit your dentist as soon as possible. There is no point in waiting for the pain to go away since it might just worsen.

Toothaches mean that it’s time for you to schedule an odontectomy with your dentist. Odontectomy involves a surgical extraction of a tooth that is partially or completely encompassed by bone.

Odontectomy involves ostectomy which involves the removal of part of a bone to be able to address and perform more complicated dental procedures. This is done commonly on impact third molars or better known as wisdom teeth.

Normal wisdom teeth extraction takes 3-4 days of recovery, but impacted teeth may need a week since it involves a more delicate procedure.

Trust only doctors that are experts and certified so that you will be guided thoroughly throughout the whole process before and after the dental procedure.

8. Periodontics

PeriodonticsPhoto courtesy of Karolina Grabowska via Pexels

Your teeth shouldn’t be your only concern when it comes to dental health. An important aspect of overall oral health includes healthy gums.

This is where periodontics steps in. It refers to a dental specialty devoted to the treatment of the supporting structures of the teeth which primarily includes gums, bones, and other associated tissues.

Gum diseases happen when these associated tissues are infected by bacteria due to plaque-buildup. Failing to address this problem leads to further complications such as gingivitis and tooth decay.

This is why the limited understanding of Filipinos of dental problems is not healthy in the long run. It is not just about cleaning your teeth but also taking care of other parts of your mouth.

9. Orthodontics

OrthodonticsPhoto courtesy of Hattex via Pixabay

Do you want perfectly aligned teeth so you can show off your smile in your selfies? Then book an appointment for orthodontics now.

Orthodontics deals with the diagnosis, prevention, and correction of malpositioned teeth and jaws. This is done with the help of braces and devices that reposition your jaw if you have an over or underbite.

Dentists at The Hospital at Maayo are experts who can correctly tell what you need to achieve that perfect smile.

10. Dental implants

Dental implantsPhoto courtesy of Jonathan Borba via Unsplash

When a tooth is missing due to trauma or an infection, it may snowball to complications such as bone loss and defective speech. Dentists address this problem with the help of dental implants.

Dental implant is a surgical component that interfaces with the bone of the jaw or skull to support a dental prosthesis. It is intended to provide artificial teeth such as crowns, bridges, or dentures.

11. Teeth whitening

dentist cleaning teethPhoto courtesy of

Discoloration of your teeth is normal since it is exposed to different staining elements from foods. Coffee lovers for instance are particularly prone to this discoloration, especially those who have more than two cups of coffee a day.

The simple treatment to make your teeth look healthy and fresh is through teeth whitening. Teeth whitening is done to lighten the teeth and remove discoloration. Teeth whitening requires no recovery time. Think of it as a spa day for your teeth so they will come out looking great once you step out of the dentist’s clinic.

Stop thinking of your dental health as an afterthought. There is so much more to good oral hygiene than simply brushing your teeth. There is no need to fear your dentist especially since the professionals at The Hospital at Maayo will guide and help you through the whole process

Book an appointment and visit The Hospital at Maayo to get started with your holistic health journey.

Your Complete Guide About Isolation Facilities in Cebu

Photo courtesy of geralt via Pixabay

With the rising COVID cases and stricter measures in Cebu as mandated by their Emergency Operations Center (EOC), it’s best to observe proper health and safety precautions to ensure everyone’s safety and well-being.

Given the heightened health situation, The Hospital at Maayo offers isolation rooms, ro ensure you are getting premium healthcare despite the increased demand.

This article will first discuss the current situation of COVID in Cebu so that you can understand what to look for when booking isolation rooms and why choosing the best COVID isolation room is crucial for you and your family.

Current testing and quarantine protocols in Cebu

Awareness of the current quarantine protocols in different regions of the Philippines will help you plan your next travel. It also helps to know this valiant information to protect yourself and others from catching the virus.

It is important to crossreference between other sources of information with the ones below to ensure that you are aware of the constantly changing updates regarding the COVID situation in Cebu.

1. Protocols for tourists and visitors

The rising cases of new COVID variants mean that tourists should be responsible when traveling. This is not only to help you but also the people with who you will be interacting during your travel.

The following are protocols and requirements that travelers and residents returning to Cebu should follow and keep in mind:

Photo courtesy of Zany Jadraque via Unsplash

The following information was taken from the Mactan Cebu International Airport page.

For Fully Vaccinated Individuals:

  • Fully vaccinated individuals arriving in Cebu must present the following:
  • Valid ID/proof of identity bearing holder’s picture and signature
  • Official vaccination cards with QR code. If without QR codes, present the Official Vaccination Certificates issued by the local health officer or by the DOH-Bureau of Quarantine (BOQ). Negative test results is no longer required.

For people not fully vaccinated, or unvaccinated:

Regardless of the place of origin, individuals under this category shall be required to present the following upon check-in at the airport of origin:

  • A negative RT-PCR (swab) test result taken within seventy-two (72) hours; OR
  • A negative Antigen test result taken within forty-eight (48) hour; OR
  • A negative Saliva test result taken within forty-eight (48) hours

For Returning Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs)/Returning Overseas Filipinos (ROFs)

Returning OFWs and ROFs only need to present their Bureau of Quarantine Quarantine Certificate as an entry requirement, in lieu of the testing requirements required by the LGUs.

  • Quarantine Certificate issued by DOH-Bureau of Quarantine stating completion of the required quarantine period and negative RT-PCR test result
  • Valid Identification Card

2. Protocols for locals

Cebu City is currently under Alert Level 3 following the surge of the Omicron variant of the coronavirus.

The local government is urging Cebu locals to comply with the following to limit possible transmission of the variant:

  • Interzonal and intrazonal travel is allowed. However, LGUs may impose restrictions on traveling restrictions as cases related to the Omicron variant continues to surge.
  • Several activities and gatherings are not allowed. This includes a.) Face-to-Face classes; b.) contact sports; c.) Funfairs such as peryas and playgrounds; d.) casinos, horseracing, cockpits, and other related establishments; e.) gathering of residents that are not directly related
  • Establishments should only allow 30% indoor capacity for vaccinated individuals, and 50% of their outdoor capacity. This includes the following: a.) venues for meetings and conferences; b.) permitted venues for social gatherings such as wedding receptions; c.) visitor and tourist attractions; d.) amusement parks; e.) recreational venues; f.) cinemas and movie houses; g.) fitness studios such as gyms.

The information above reveals that isolation rooms are imperative especially when you are a tourist or an overseas Filipino worker who is planning to return to Cebu.

Read the information below to know where the best isolation rooms are in Cebu.

Why choose isolation rooms at the Hospital at Maayo?

Photo courtesy of The Hospital At Maayo

Booking a DOH-accredited isolation facility is important especially to those who will be coming to Cebu from outside the Philippines.

Locals should also be aware of where the best isolation rooms in Cebu are, now that the number of COVIDCovid-related cases is on the rise in the Philippines.

One of the best isolation rooms in Cebu is available at The Hospital at Maayo.

The hospital is strategically placed near the Mactan International Airport so tourists and travelers no longer need to go far before they undergo the required quarantine protocol.

The Hospital at Maayo possesses the latest medical facilities and equipment in healthcare technology so you can rest assured that you will be taken care of regardless of whether your Covid test turns out negative or positive.

On top of this, certified health professionals with various expertise are always read to check on you unlike in other isolation rooms such as hotels where immediate medical attention may not be available.

COVID testing is also available at their facility so you can get your results immediately. You can also check their hotel-like rooms here to see the different amenities such as wifi and cable televisions among others.

Finally, The Hospital at Maayo believes in both scientific and traditional techniques in healing so you will always have easy access to these kinds of services.

You can book a test now with them via Messenger to schedule your appointment.

Reminders before booking an isolation room at The Hospital at Maayo

It is important that you prepare your necessary documents, primarily your COVID-test results, before booking your isolation rooms. It is also highly encouraged that you book at least one day ahead of your quarantine to secure its availability and provide the hotel management ample time to disinfect and prepare your isolation room.

Finally, the Cebu LGU also prepared three field isolation facilities such as the SHS Bayanihan field center located at the Sacred Heart School Ateneo de Cebu. This is in anticipation of the scenario that all isolation rooms become unavailable due to them being booked as the number of COVID-related cases rises.

While these alternative options are still viable when undergoing quarantine, a well-renowned medical facility such as The Hospital at Maayo is the best option so that you can receive proper medical care and have registered health professionals check on your health.

If you’re seeking medical attention or is an individual visiting Cebu from outside the Philippines, contact The Hospital at Maayo to get access to the best isolation facilities in Cebu.

10 Benefits Of Having The Best Hospital In Cebu As Your Healthcare Provider

Let’s be real. Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic changed how the world lived, many began to express fear in visiting clinics and hospitals whenever they’re feeling ill or experiencing symptoms. This, in turn, can worsen your conditions and make it harder to provide medical treatment.

Hospital settings tend to strike fear in patients, especially during this time. But The Hospital at Maayo has found a way to amp up the patient experience to provide quality medical services in Cebu while keeping their patients comfortable.

At The Hospital at Maayo, patients are provided with high-quality medical care through a wide range of outpatient services and even inpatient specializations. Here are some of the reasons why they are the best hospital in Cebu City.

1. Immediate access to health services

Photo courtesy of Tbel Abuseridze via Unsplash

Sitting at the heart of one of the most colorful cities in the Philippines, The Hospital at Maayo can be easily accessed by both locals and foreigners alike. This premium hospital is located just minutes away from the Mactan International Airport and other tourist destinations in Cebu, providing quality medical healing, wellness, and leisure, no matter where you are in the heart of Visayas.

The Hospital at Maayo is not only accessible location-wise, but it’s also accessible to different health maintenance organizations (HMO) and insurances. The hospital offers convenient tap-and-pay systems and stress-free LOA verifications for HMO patients.

2. Improved quality of care

Photo courtesy of Hush Naidoo Jade Photography via Unsplash

Since many patients have the fear of contracting the COVID-19 virus while visiting hospitals, thus putting a halt to their medical needs, The Hospital at Maayo has improved their patient experience to ease that current fear.

The Hospital at Maayo is home to the latest advancements and modern medical equipment in Cebu City. All this equipment is partnered with a team of hospitable and competent medical professionals to provide every patient with world-class medical care.

3. Focus on prevention

Photo courtesy of Adam Nieścioruk via Unsplash

As the saying goes, “prevention is better than cure” – and that is something The Hospital at Maayo practices. Not only do they provide medical treatment to those who are ill, but they also provide preventive medical care to those who want to take charge of their health.

For instance, The Hospital at Maayo offers a variety of executive check-up packages where patients can take to determine their potential risks on different illnesses and conditions. From laboratory services with medical assessments given, preventive and wellness measures are recommended for a healthier tomorrow.

The Hospital at Maayo also has a Nutrition Services Unit that provides patient-focused dietary care based on the assessment and evaluation of the patient’s health status. These services not only improve one’s quality of life but also prevent patients from contracting diseases.

4. Management of health conditions

Photo courtesy of Maxim Tolchinskiy via Unsplash

In keeping your health in check, you would need to undergo a variety of procedures and tests to help see your current condition. With The Hospital at Maayo, you can conduct all your necessary tests in one convenient location.

The Hospital has its own Pathology laboratory for all your needed blood tests, and a Radiology department for high-quality yet affordable images to help with your medical assessment, among others. The Hospital also offers non-invasive diagnostic procedures for patients with cardiovascular conditions.

5. Emergency services

Photo courtesy of camilo jimenez via Unsplash

Nobody wants to encounter a medical emergency, especially when you’re looking to unwind in one of the country’s top tourist destinations.

But should an emergency happen, The Hospital at Maayo has an Emergency Room equipped with facilities and medical professionals capable of handling cases that require immediate medical attention.

6. Safety, comfort, and convenience

Photo courtesy of The Hospital At Maayo

With the mission to provide its patients a comfortable medical experience. The Hospital at Maayo goes above and beyond to provide a pleasant stay in the facility. The hospital building is dubbed as a green building, By definition, a green building is a facility that during its construction and operation preserves the natural resources that surround the area, thus improving quality of life. The facilities, including the waiting lounges and even the clinics, are also designed with a hotel-like ambiance for better recuperation.

The facility is also designed based on international standards on patient safety in order to deliver a safe healthcare and wellness experience at all times.

7. Personalized care

The Hospital at Maayo is proud of its integrated Health Information System, providing physicians full access to your medical records and diagnostic results, giving patients a seamless medical experience wherever they are in the hospital. Its state-of-the-art medical equipment delivers quick and highly accurate results, providing you with high-quality medical care in return.

And since Cebu is a top destination for foreigners, The Hospital at Maayo has an International Help Desk and Concierge to assist the foreign guests when it comes to insurance, communication, and other travel-related concerns.

Furthermore, the hospitable staff of The Hospital at Maayo is more than ready to assist patients from treatment up until discharge, taking “patient experience” to a whole new level.

8. Experienced and trained professionals

Photo courtesy of Artur Tumasjan via Unsplash

In providing premium healthcare services to the citizens and visitors, a medical facility should not only have the latest medical equipment, but also trustworthy medical staff to help you go through the entire wellness journey.

The Hospital at Maayo’s roster of doctors covers a variety of specializations, from surgery, labor and delivery, eye care, liver wellness, and even dental care. Needless to say, whenever you need a doctor, all you need to be is at The Hospital at Maayo. With industry experience and their various medical services in Cebu, they’ll give you expert advice on how to take care of your health, even at home.

9. Wide range of services

Photo courtesy of Piron Guillaume via Unsplash

From online consultations, different diagnostic procedures, (eye clinic, executive check-ups, etc.) and traditional Chinese medical procedures, everything you need for your health and wellness can be found at The Hospital at Maayo.

Prioritizing the care of every patient that passes through their doors, The Hospital at Maayo offers a wide range of medical services for both outpatient and inpatient. And these services are led by a team of medical professionals so you are provided with holistic medical care in every procedure you’ll go through.

Like any world-class hospital, The Hospital at Maayo has its own Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and an Intensive Care Unit to cater to patients who are in need of intensive care. These medical services in Cebu are truly some of the best.

The Hospital at Maayo’s medical services in Cebu also offers traditional Chinese medicine like Acupuncture to help treat body pain and stress management to help improve overall health.

10. More than just medicine

Photo courtesy of The Hospital At Maayo

By now it’s no secret that The Hospital at Maayo is not your ordinary medical facility. It offers you the experience of quality service with international standards. As a patient, you get to be under the care of well-trained medical professionals treated with expert services at a reasonable price.

Key Takeaways

Choosing a healthcare facility is a big decision for you, especially as it will affect your overall health and wellness in the years to come. So, when it comes to picking a healthcare facility for you and the family, here are some of the factors to always keep in mind: We value your patient experience.

Hospitals today should not only provide quality medical care, but they should also come up with ways to keep their patients comfortable while inside the hospital. The Hospital at Maayo has amplified their overall patient experience to give patients a pleasant experience while catering to all their medical needs.

If you’re looking for the best hospital in Cebu, then The Hospital at Maayo is the place to be. Check out our services and set an appointment today.

22 Reasons to Love The Hospital at Maayo in Cebu

When it comes to healthcare, it is important that you partner with a medical institution that is trusted and reliable. If you live in Cebu, you are fortunate because one of the best hospitals in the country is situated there.

If you are feeling ill or displaying any symptoms of illness, you should consult a health professional as soon as you can. There’s a variety of medical services in Cebu with an option for online check ups or visiting the hospital personally.

What and where is The Hospital at Maayo?

The Hospital at Maayo is one of the top-notch hospitals in Cebu, Philippines located at U.N. Avenue, corner DM Cortes St., Alang-alang, Mandaue City. This modern outpatient medical institution is dedicated to providing you a patient-centered wellness experience so that as you try to get better, you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Being one of the favored hospitals in Cebu, Philippines, The Hospital at Maayo promises a care that puts you first. When you put your health in their hands, you are assured of convenience, reduced anxiety, lower costs, and faster procedures you wouldn’t experience elsewhere.

22 Reasons Why The Hospital at Maayo is Your Most Trusted Hospital in Cebu

Aside from providing good healthcare, here are other reasons why The Hospital at Maayo should be your top choice when selecting which hospital in Cebu City you should go to if you want to get an executive check-up or other healthcare assistance.

1. Extraordinary physicians and medical experts

Photo courtesy of EVG Culture via Pexels

Professional doctors and medical practitioners with experience in the field will handle your health concerns and medical treatment so you can rely on their advice, expertise, and performance of medical procedures if needed. Aside from their professionalism, these doctors are also very warm and thoughtful about their patients.

2. Outstanding caregivers

Aside from their thoughtfulness, professional doctors, nurses, caregivers, and other staff at The Hospital at Maayo are very much empathetic toward their patients. They are very patient in attending to the health care needs of each patient to make sure that they are comfortable throughout their stay or during their check-ups and quarantine stay.

The caregivers and other staff are well-versed in Cebuano, Tagalog, and English – communicating well to every patient, they are able to provide the needs of all of their patients.

3. Highly accessible address

The Hospital at Maayo is truly one of the best hospitals in Cebu, Philippines because of its strategic location. This hospital is located along the main road and is only a few minutes away from the Mactan-Cebu International Airport and other subdivisions and condos in Cebu City.

4. Easy access within the facility

Patients who want or need to go around the facility will find it convenient to do so. The areas at The Hospital are marked so finding what you want and where you want to be is relatively easy. You can also ask for assistance from one of the friendly hospital staff to help you get to your destination.

Guests and relatives of the patient will also get assistance to easily access their relatives who are currently getting treatment from The Hospital.

5. Great technology

Photo courtesy of The Hospital At Maayo

The Hospital at Maayo’s Laboratory Services invested in state-of-the-art medical equipment to provide you with accurate, fast, and reliable results. You don’t need to wait for long hours, even days, or weeks before getting the results of your lab tests.

6. A unique healing environment

Hospitals are often colored white to showcase its cleanliness. When you visit The Hospital at Maayo, you won’t feel overwhelmed with whites because the whole hospital doesn’t feel and look like one. As a matter of fact, it looks like a hotel! So during your stay, you won’t feel confined in a hospital, instead on a retreat at a posh hotel.

The architectural design and interior design of the hospital is designed to help calm visitors and patients. This will help you regain your health and remain positive while you get your needed medical attention in the hospital.

7. DOH-endorsed medical acility

The Hospital At Maayo is a truly one-of-a-kind hospital in Cebu City because it is the first to be endorsed by the Department of Health as a medical facility outside Metro Manila following the standards, protocols, and guidelines set by the DOH and PhilHealth. So you can trust that you are in good hands once you seek medical attention from The Hospital at Maayo.

Moreover, it won’t cause you an arm and leg when you seek medical care here because their international-grade services are reasonably priced.

8. A frontrunner in medical programs

Aside from providing preventive and curative services, The Hospital at Maayo also has holistic and wellness programs. These programs are curated to make sure that you and your family live a healthy and long life that is not deprived of things that spark joy such as their Nutrition Services, which helps you not only plan your meals but even prepare and deliver them to your home if you are too busy to cook for yourself.

9. Convenient payment methods

Photo courtesy of Norma Mortenson via Pexels

You can pay your bill at The Hospital at Maayo via cash or card. They use a tap-and-pay system to ensure convenience. For HMO holders, you can also enjoy a stress-free letter of authority (LOA) verification. So you won’t have to worry about proving to your work why you need to take a leave for health reasons.

10. Commitment to patient safety

The facility of The Hospital at Maayo uses international standards to make sure that all their patients are safe when they undergo medical procedures. Moreover, the hospital has guards roaming 24/7 to make sure that aside from patients, everyone at the hospital is safe.

11. Personalized care

All patients need different care and attention. Medical practitioners and caretakers at The Hospital at Maayo make sure that you get the best care according to your needs. They take the time to tailor fit a specific care that will help you recover fast and conveniently.

12. Best accommodations

Photo courtesy of The Hospital At Maayo

Rooms at The Hospital at Maayo are spacious, even the ward, so you can have the peace and quiet you need to relax and recover from your illness. They also offer hospital suites, some of which even have a bathtub and spacious beds which will make patients and their families taking care of them feel like they’re on a vacation.

13. On-call butler services are available

When you stay in a private room or specialty suite at The Hospital at Maayo, you will be entitled to butler services which will all the more make you feel that you are on a hotel staycation. These friendly and hardworking staff are ready to help you accomplish non-health related tasks such as settling your payments so that you and your family can enjoy spending time together while you are getting better at The Hospital.

14. Trust and communication

Photo courtesy of cottonbro via Pexels

Patients can comfortably share their thoughts to professional doctors who are willing to hear them out. These doctors will provide different practical options available so that you can avail the best healthcare services that you require.

15. Equal treatment of patients

The staff at The Hospital at Maayo does a fair and equal treatment to all their patients, young and old. Healthcare has taken the top spot of everyone’s priorities; it’s crucial that you take extra care of yourself to be at your best. With The Hospital at Maayo, you can be sure that for the money you pay, you get the best quality treatment.

16. Modern and traditional healing

Photo courtesy of Karolina Grabowska via Pexels

From ENT services down to numerous multi-specialty services, all these are available at The Hospital at Maayo — making it a truly special hospital in Cebu, Philippines. They offer Aesthetics, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, and a whole lot more. They also offer traditional massage such as hilot and body conditioning services you won’t easily get at all hospitals in the country, particularly in Cebu.

17. Honesty of employees

Employees at The Hospital at Maayo are trustworthy.

They make sure that you get what you pay for and that accurate results are given to you. Doctors here are very transparent with their patients and their families about the physical state of their patients.

Moreover, staff at The Hospital are trustworthy in the sense that if you misplace a personal item, they will make sure that they will be returned to you.

18. Confidentiality of sensitive information

With The Hospital’s integrated Health Information System, doctors have easy access to patient records and diagnostic results.

However, these private details are not divulged to other parties nor are they disclosed for non-related medical reasons. So you can be sure that all your data are used for the right purposes.

19. Involved in research

Professional doctors in The Hospital at Maayo are very much involved in research to make sure that they are up-to-date with different medical practices and treatment to make sure that you get the best healthcare service.

20. Maayo Health blogs

The Hospital at Maayo has a blog you can always read up on to be on the know of the latest health and wellness best practices you and your family can adapt to make sure that you lead a healthy lifestyle and prevent the progression of any unwanted illness you may already have.

The well-researched blog articles at Maayo’s website are not only informative, but also fun to read.

21. Adaptable to the changing needs of patients

The Hospital at Maayo is also a relaxing and safe place where you can isolate yourself if you are recovering from the coronavirus. Their COVID-19 isolation rooms have a calm and clean environment tended by warm and attentive caregivers.

You won’t feel bored for the 7 to 14 days you have to spend at the Maayo Isolation Center for quarantine purposes.

22. Overall quality

Expect nothing but the best at The Hospital at Maayo, one of the sought-after hospitals in Cebu, Philippines. They are composed of professionals and friendly staff that prioritize their patients’ welfare above anything else. They invest in world-class facilities to make sure that you get the best care for body and mind.

Get the best value for your money by availing the different medical and healthcare services at The Hospital at Maayo.

You won’t regret putting you and your families’ health and lives in their hands. When you need medical attention, don’t look further. Set an appointment at The Hospital at Maayo today!

6 Hospital Room Advantages at The Hospital at Maayo

In a time like this, it is only right to seek premium medical services in Cebu or wherever you may be. Our top priority is to ensure that we and our loved ones get the best treatment.

So whether you need any type of medical assistance, booking a The Hospital at Maayo room will ensure that you are given ample and high-quality medical attention.

If you think about it, finding and booking a hospital room in the middle of the pandemic can be stressful and burdensome. Ensuring that you are in good hands and well taken care of in a comfortable hospital room is worrying enough as well.

Let The Hospital at Maayo Cebu take care of your health with its premium and varied features to get you through your time of healing.

Photo courtesy of The Hospital At Maayo

1. Pick from a variety of rooms available.

The cases of hospital bed shortages pose a huge challenge when getting immediate healthcare or being in quarantine. Fortunately, booking a The Hospital at Maayo room will put your worries to rest.

There are plenty of available rooms, with an equally clean and comfortable ambiance to get your health back in shape. Even better, The Hospital at Maayo offers different kinds of room, fit for your preferences:

  • Ward
  • Private rooms
  • Family room
  • Specialty suites

2. Access affordable rates compared to other hospitals in the area.

Most of us are already aware that getting medical treatment comes with a hefty price tag. In addition to preliminary check-ups and even the swab test alone is already expensive. On top of that, you also have to think of other possible expenses: room prices, medicine, and additional medical tests for other symptoms that may appear.

With The Hospital at Maayo medical rooms, you have more access to the following affordable room rates:

  • Ward – PHP 1,800/day
  • Private room – PHP 3,500/day
  • Family Room – Php 8,000/day
  • Specialty Suite – PHP 16,000/day
  • ICU room – PHP 7,500/day

3. Get back to good health in hotel-like rooms and setup.

Photo courtesy of The Hospital At Maayo

Being in a hospital can be nerve-wracking. Waiting for days to go by and curing your symptoms can cause stress and feelings of isolation.

This is why it is crucial to stay in a medical facility that is conducive to your well-being. Thankfully, you are sure to recover well in The Hospital at Maayo room, because it is built exactly to help you feel comfortable and get back to health.

The Hospital at Maayo has hotel-like rooms and facilities. They have spacious Family rooms, with sofas and additional furniture to give a comfortable and at-home feeling. All bed frames are sophisticatedly inspired from Maayo Hotel. Also, private specialty rooms have bathtubs available for your use.

Photo courtesy of Louis Reed via Unsplash

4. Go through smooth and stress-free medical services.

Most of us already know the drill: maintain social distancing at all times, and avoid crowds as much as possible. But that will be difficult to do if you need to buy food, settle hospital payments, or ask for assistance for other medical needs. The situation is even more complicated if you are in COVID-19 isolation.

Rest assured, The Hospital at Maayo will help you focus on your well-being and recovery above all costs. You don’t worry about your next healthy meal, because they have butler service available for all private rooms.

No need to settle the payment at counter/hospital admin rooms as well; your personal butler will handle it too. You can even request assistance in health and non-health-related concerns.

Photo courtesy of Walter Otto via Unsplash

5. Stay with professional and accommodating medical personnel.

Whenever we feel sick, we seek compassion from everyone around us. We would want to be taken care of by accommodating and kind medical personnel during our stay.

The Hospital at Maayo rooms is not the only thing that is conducive for your well-being. The hospital staff and doctors are friendly and accommodating individuals who will help you get well and feel better. All of the doctors and health staff are especially truly capable medical professionals so that you have fewer worries as you recover.

Photo courtesy of engin akyurt via Unsplash

6. Experience modern and traditional healing methods.

Everyone wants to get well at all costs, especially if you are a confirmed COVID-19 patient. We want to recover quickly and finally spend more time with our loved ones. In this regard, some of us will want to seek both modern and traditional healing methods. Fortunately, The Hospital at Maayo has both of these services available for you.

Booking a The Hospital at Maayo room gives you access to new and the latest technology and facilities in medicine, as well as proven traditional services that benefited Filipinos through time.

Don’t hesitate to book an appointment with only trusted and professional medical professionals in The Hospital at Maayo. We offer options for modern and traditional healing services, both of which are scientifically advised.