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Who We Are

The Hospital at Maayo started with the idea that patients should not feel as though they are visiting a hospital when being treated but rather an experience akin to hotel-like care and hospitality.
Your Well-being is our Top Priority Banner

We exist to provide only the best healthcare experience in Cebu with comfortable facilities, modern equipment, and a hospitable medical team that all work together to create the ideal environment for treatment and recovery.

On top of that, our availability and accessibility 24/7 to key tourist sites and CBDs across Cebu City make us an unrivaled location for medical care in the metro.

Ultimately, we believe premium medical care should not come at a high cost. Expect convenient and reliable care — from admission to patient discharge for a reasonable price only at The Hospital at Maayo.

Why Choose The Hospital at Maayo?

Discover why patients trust our unique patient care and medical services.
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    Premium healthcare at lower costs

    Our facilities are built to deliver accurate results and treatment giving you gold standards in medical care at an affordable price.

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    Hassle-free patient experience and transactions

    Our Health Information System, digital billing, and international help desk give you convenience across all services.

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    Modern and hotel-like facilities and equipment

    Experience hospital treatment and hotel-like amenities that elevate patient care and comfort.

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    Accessibility and availability of services 24/7

    Situated in the heart of Cebu City, The Hospital at Maayo is the ideal medical destination for communities and CBDs in the area.

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    Hospitable and accommodating medical experts and staff

    Receive quality care from our team of medical professionals who embody excellence in practice and compassion for their patients.

Our Promise

The 5 Pillars of The Hospital at Maayo ensure that we uphold that highest standard of medical excellence across all our services.
Your Well-being is our Top Priority Banner

  1. Comfortable We aim to make the patient experience enjoyable and easy. Partnered with hotel-like amenities across all services, we aspire to be your all-in-one medical destination for holistic care.
  2. Comprehensive We focus on creating the ideal space for healthcare as we go beyond the minimum requirement of standard hospital rooms and areas to give you the most complete healthcare experience possible. As firm believers and advocates of technology and medical advancements, we champion innovation across our services to give you convenient care — from admission to discharge.
  3. Clean Our facilities are regularly maintained not just for sanitary purposes but to show that the spaces you settle in are cared for as well.
  4. Care Our hospitable, accommodating, and most of all competent medical staff are what complete a patient-centered hospital experience at The Hospital at Maayo. This speaks to our specialists who manage our equipment, our hospitality staff who maintain our facilities, and our doctors who go above and beyond medical care.
  5. Cost-efficient Surprisingly, on top of all the promises mentioned, The Hospital at Maayo is geared towards providing patients convenience in hospital costs. The affordability of our  services will always work for the benefit and welfare of the people.

Your Well-being is our Top Priority Banner

Partners and Accredited HMOs

The Hospital at Maayo is accredited by PhilHealth and the Department of Health, following set standards, protocols, and guidelines.

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Accredited HMOs

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