Our Services at The Hospital at Maayo

Experience care that puts your convenience at the center. Get holistic treatment from worldclass medical services that are nothing short of excellent.

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    Inpatient Department

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    Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

    Our NICU is always ready to treat infants in critical condition. Our facilities are well-e ...

    Critical Care for Newborn
    Infant Circumcision
    Infant Electrocardiogram (ECG)
    Expanded Newborn Screening
    Immediate Newborn Care
    Newborn Hearing Screening
    Cardiovascular Monitoring
    Breastfeeding Support
    Other Medical Equipment:
    • Radiant Warmer
    • Incubators
    • Phototheraphy
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    COVID-19 Isolation Center

    Quarantine in a medical facility designed to help you recover quicker from COVID-19. Exper ...

    Our Isolation Centers are fully equipped with the following inclusions:
    • Fully Air-Conditioned accommodations
    • Telemedicine Consultation (for pre-admission assessment)
    • 24/7 Nurse Monitoring
    • e-Health kit upon arrival
    • Complimentary high-speed internet access
    • Exclusive key card access
    • Disinfection and Sanitation Areas (for visitors)
    • Concierge and Delivery Services (within specific time)
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    Labor and Delivery Unit

    Our family-centered Labor and Delivery Unit offers expectant families a comfortable and we ...

    Normal Delivery
    Cesarean Section Delivery
    High Risk Pregnancy Rooms
    Private Labor and Delivery Rooms & Suites
    Labor Monitoring
    Recovery Room
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    Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

    Our ICU has the capacity to support patients in critical condition through state-of-the-ar ...

    Critical Care
    Tracheostomy Care
    Cardiovascular Monitoring
    Intensive Care Hemodialysis
    Lumbar Tap
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    Specialty Suites

    Our modernized specialty suites embody a premier hospital experience unlike any other with ...

    Specialty Suite amenities include:
    • Fully Air Conditioned Space
    • Living Room
    • Dining Area
    • Kitchen Area (with microwave oven and kettle)
    • Mini Refrigerator
    • One (1) Master Bedroom
    • Two (2) Bathrooms With Bathtub for Master Room
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    Private Rooms

    Our standard hospital rooms offer you a superb blend of excellent health service, privacy, ...

    Private Room amenities include:
    • Fully Air Conditioned Space
    • One (1) standard private bed
    • Cold Storage (Chiller)
    • Single Bathroom With Shower
    • Zen-like View of Cebu City Skyline
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    Hospital Wards

    Have your loved ones close by while being treated at our hospital ward. Aside from a separ ...

    Cohort Wards
    Isolation wards
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    Family Rooms

    Our hospital rooms for families include all the amenities of our standard private rooms in ...

    Family Room amenities include:
    • Fully Air Conditioned Space
    • Separate Visitor Area
    • Two (2) Standard Beds
    • Dining Area
    • Cold Storage (Chiller)
    • Single Bathroom With Shower
    • Zen-like View of Cebu City Skyline
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    Outpatient Department

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    Online Consultation

    Inquire us for online consultation. ...

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    Executive Check-up

    Our Executive Check-up (ECU) makes holistic assessment and diagnosis accessible and conven ...

    Our Services: Basic Executive Package | Php 5,000.00
    • Serum Glutamic-Pyruvic
    • Transaminase SGPT/ALT)
    • Uric Acid, Serum (BUA)
    • Creatinine, Serum
    • Glucose, Fasting (FBS)
    • Lipid Panel
    • Serum Glutamic-Oxaloacetic Transaminase (SGOT/AST)
    • Sodium, Serum
    • Calcium, Total
    • Potassium, Serum
    • Complete Blood Count (CBC)
    • Urinalysis, Routine
    • ECG (12 Leads)
    • CHEST PA
    • Post Consultation*
    • Complimentary Meal**
    Get Our Most Complete Check-up Package yet! Comprehensive Executive Package | Php 14,500.00
    • Bilirubin, Direct Bilirubin, Direct
    • Bilirubin, Total
    • Thyroid Panel C (FT3, FT4, TSH)
    • Prothrombin Time (PT)
    • Calcium, Total
    • Protein, Total (Serum)
    • Phosphate, Alkaline (ALP)
    • Albumin, Serum
    • Serum Glutamic-Oxaloacetic Transaminase (SGOT/AST)
    • Sodium, Serum
    • Urine Micral Test
    • Potassium, Serum
    • HBsAg (Qualitative)
    • Uric Acid, Serum (BUA)
    • Glycosylated Hgb/Glycohemoglobin (HBA1c)
    • Serum Glutamic-Pyruvic Transaminase (SGPT/ALT)
    • Glucose, Fasting (FBS)
    • Lipid Panel
    • Complete Blood Count (CBC)
    •  Urinalysis, Routine
    • Occult Blood Test (FOBT)
    • Fibro-scan
    • 2D Echo cardiogram with Doppler
    • ECG (12 Leads)
    • CHEST PA
    • Post Consultation*
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    Physical Wellness and Rehabilitation

    The Physical Wellness and Rehabilitation (PWR) Unit offers outpatient physical rehabil ...

    • Physiatric Evaluation & Assessment
    Physical Therapy
    • Pain Management (Manual Therapy and the latest modalities)
    • Hydrotherapy (for neurorehabilitation & musculoskeletal conditions)
    Physical Wellness
    • Lap Swimming (without lessons)
    • Fitness Training
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    Nutrition Clinic

    Our Nutritional Care Unit offers a variety of services on education, counseling, and food ...

    One-on-One Nutrition Program:
    • Nutrition Counselling
    • Meal Plan
    • 3-day Personalized Meal Plan
    • 1-week Personalized Meal Plan
    • 2-Month Wellness Package
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    Hemodialysis Unit

    Our Hemodialysis Unit is designed to give you maximum comfort while being treated by a com ...

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    Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)

    Reach your wellness and fitness goals easily with our HBOT sessions. This therapeutic serv ...

    Each HBOT sessions lasts for three (3) hours to help you experience:
    • Quicker wound recoveries
    • Increased blood circulation
    • Faster cell regeneration
    • Increases collagen production
    • Reduces the effects of harmful bacteria and toxins
    • Better sleep quality
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    Emergency Room and Services

    You can count on us 24/7 as your first response to medical emergencies. Our competent ER s ...

    Ambulance Transport
    Urgent care
    • Emergency Consultation (Initial diagnostic work-up)
    • Emergency Admission
    Non-urgent care
    • Bite management
    • Ambulatory services
    • Loading of antibiotics
    Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Stabilization
    Trauma Care
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    Pedia Development

    We help you understand and manage your child’s behavior to unleash their full potential. ...

    Comprehensive Assessment and Customized Care for:
    • Toddlers (ages 12 months-36 months)
    • Preschoolers (ages 3–5 years)
    • School-aged children (ages 6–14 years)
    • Adolescents (ages 15–18)
    Consultation and Evaluation
    Referrals to Medical Specialties and Early Intervention Programs (as needed)
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    Women’s Wellness Unit

    Our Women’s Wellness Unit's modern facilities cater to various ultrasound and sonography ...

    OB/GYN consultations
    Pap Smear
    Ultrasound (Pelvic, Transrectal, Transvaginal)
    Minor Procedures
    • Biopsy (Endometrial, endocrivical, cervic)
    • Colposcopy
    • Cryosurgery
    4D Ultrasound
    • Biophysical Profile
    • Doppler Velocimetry
    Clinical Breast Exam
    Congenital Anomaly Scan
    Insertion/Removal of IUD
    Non-invasive Prenatal Test
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    Surgery Center

    Your treatment and recovery are in capable hands with a highly competent team of surgeons. ...

    Minimally Invasive Surgery
    General Surgery
    Aesthetics Surgery
    ENT-HNS Surgery
    Dental Surgery
    Orthopedics Surgery
    Minor Thoracic Vascular Surgery
    Eye Surgery
    Gynecological Procedure
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    Multi-speciality Consultations

    Our multi-specialty practice is your one-stop shop for all your healthcare needs with over ...

    Internal Medicine
    Family Medicine
    General Surgery
    Family Medicine
    Occupational Health
    • Annual Physical Examination
    • Pre-Employment Medical Examination
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    Liver Care Clinic

    Our Liver Wellness Unit offers a variety of packages for the diagnosis, monitoring, and sh ...

    Hepatitis Screening
    Liver Function Check
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    Dental Clinic

    Our dental care clinics are fully equipped with advanced imaging systems that allow us to ...

    Dental Consultation
    Complete Denture
    Composite Filling
    • Porcelain Fused to Metal
    • Crown Porcelain Emax
    • Zirconia Crown
    Dental Implant
    CBCT X-ray
    Panoramic X-ray
    TMJ X-ray
    Odontectomy (Simple and Medium)
    Odontectomy of Impacted Molar
    Oral Prophylaxis
    Orthodontic Installation
    Root Canal Therapy
    Teeth Whitening
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    Aesthetics Institute

    Our dermatologists in Cebu offer you the most advanced surgical, non-surgical, and cosmeti ...

    • Dermatology
    • Plastic Surgery
    • OxyGeneo Facial
    • Age-Defying Facial
    • Basic Facial
    • Acne Facial
    • Diamond Peel Facial
    • Microdermabrasion
    • Dermal Fillers
    • Botulinum Toxin Injections
    • Mesotherapy
    • Sclerotherapy
    • Intralesional Steroid Injections
    Discovery PICO | Laser Treatments
    • Melasma | Age Spots
    • Laser Treatment for
    • Whitening
    • Underarms/Knees/Elbows
    • Tattoo Removal per 100cm Pico
    • Carbon Laser Peel
    • Skin Rejuvenation/ Resurfacing
    • Stretch Mark
    Smaxel/ Fractional CO2 | Laser Treatments
    • Warts Removal
    • Skin Resurfacing
    • Fractional CO2
    • Acne Scar Fractional Co2
    • Sebaceous Hyperplasia
    • Stretch Mark Laser
    • Treatment
    • Benign Cutaneous
    • Neoplasms
    • Fractional CO2
    • Circumcision
    Erbium Yag | Laser Treatment
    • Laser treatment for Benign
    • Cutaneous Neoplasms
    • Laser Peeling
    Laser Hair Removal | Laser Treatments
    • Skin Tightening Treatment (EXILIS)
    • Electrocautery
    • Chemical Peel
    • Excision
    • Extraction
    • Skin Punch Biopsy
    • Cryotherapy
    • Derma - incision and drainage
    • Nail avulsion
    Minor Surgery | Plastic Surgery
    • Rhinoplasty (Noselift)
    • Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Surgery)
    • Excision
    • Buccal Fat pad Excision
    • Otoplasty
    • Scar Revision
    • Tracheal Shaving
    Major Surgeries | Plastic Surgery
    • Augmentation Mammoplasty
    • Liposuction
    • Rhytidectomy (Facelift)
    • Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)
    • Female to male Top Surgery
    • Male to female Top Surgery
    • Skin Grafting
    • Platysmaplasty (Neck Lift)
    • Thigh Lift
    • Mastopexy (Breast Lift)
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    Acupuncture Therapy

    Experience modern acupuncture therapy that combines traditional Chinese needling methods w ...

    Acupuncture Sessions Available:
    • Standard (1-hour session)
    • Deluxe (5-hour session)
    • Premium (10-hour session)
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    Eye Clinic

    Eye Referral Clinics brings its ophthalmology services, experience, and expertise to The H ...

    Individual Services:
    • Lacrimal Apparatus Irrigation (LAI)
    • Retinal Exam
    • Eye Pressure Measurement
    • Direct Ophthalmoscopy
    • Gonioscopy
    • Glaucoma Screening and Monitoring
    • Diabetic Retinopathy Screening and Monitoring
    • Basic Eye Exam
    • Optical Consultation with Prescription Eyeglasses or Contact Lenses (provided by Maayo OptiCare)
    Special Procedures:
    • Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)
    • Perimetry (Visual Field Test)
    • Fundus Retinal Photography
    • Fluorescein Angiography (FA)
    • B-Scan Ultrasound
    • Biometry
    Laser Treatments:
    • Glaucoma
    • Diabetic Retinopathy
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    Radiologic Imaging

    Our Radiologic Imaging Department is equipped with modernized facilities to give you a fas ...

    Bone Mineral Densitometry:
    • Spine And Hip (Routine)
    • Total Whole Body (Routine)
    • Forearm (Special Request)
    64-Slice CT Scan
    • CT Aortogram W/ Contrast
    • CT Carotid Angiogram W/ Contrast
    • CT Cervical W/ 3d Plain
    • CT Cervical Plain
    • CT Cervical W/ Contrast
    • CT Chest Plain
    • CT Chest W/ Contrast
    • CT Coronary Angiogram W/ Contrast
    • CT Cranial (Brain) Plain
    • CT Cranial (Brain) W/ Contrast
    • CT Cranial (Brain) Angiogram W/ Contrast
    • CT Facial Bones W/ 3d & Contrast
    • CT Facial Bones W/3d Plain
    • CT High-Resolution Computed Tomography (Plain) Lung
    • CT Lower Ext. Angiogram Plain
    • CT Lower Ext. Angiogram W/ Contrast
    • CT Lumbosacral Plain
    • CT Lumbosacral W/ 3d Plain
    • CT Lumbosacral W/ Constrast
    • CT Neck Plain
    • CT Neck W/ Contrast
    • CT Orbits Plain
    • CT Orbits W/ Contrast
    • CT Pelvis Plain
    • CT Pelvis W/ 3d And Contrast
    • CT Pelvis W/ 3d Plain
    • CT Pelvis W/ Contrast
    • CT Renal Angiogram W/ Contrast
    • CT Stonogram (Plain)
    • CT Temporal Bones Plain
    • CT Temporal Bones W/ Contrast
    • CT Thoracic Plain
    • CT Thoracic W/ 3d & Contrast
    • CT Thoracic W/ 3d Plain
    • CT Thoracic W/ Contrast
    • CT Tri-phasic Liver,upper/whole Ab W/ Contrast
    • CT Tri-phasic Liver, upper/whole Abdomen Plain
    • CT Upper Ext. Angiogram Plain
    • CT Upper Ext. Angiogram W/ Contrast
    • CT Urogram W/ Contrast
    • 3D Tomosynthesis (routine)
    • Spot Magnification
    1.5T MRI
    • MRA Brain Plain
    • MRI Spine Screening
    • Cranial (Brain) P
    • Abdomen Flatplate And Upright (Routine)
    • Abdomen Sup, Up, Decub
    • Acromioclavicular AP Pearson
    • Acromioclavicular AP Zanca
    • Ankle AP
    • Ankle AP Oblique (Lateral Rotation)
    • Ankle AP Oblique (Medial Rotation)
    • Ankle AP Weight Bearing
    • Ankle APL Mortise View
    • Ankle APLO (Routine)
    • Ankle Lateral (Lateromedial)
    • Ankle Lateral (Mediolateral)
    • Ankle Lateral Weight Bearing
    • Ankle Mortise
    • Barium Enema
    • Barium Swallow
    • Bone Age (Hand And Wrist PA)
    • Calcaneus Axial (Dorsoplantar)
    • Calcaneus Axial (Plantodorsal)
    • Calcaneus Lateral
    • Calcaneus Lateromedial Oblique (Isherwood Method)
    • Calcaneus PA Axial Oblique (Lateral Rotation)
    • Cervical AP (Fuchs Method)
    • Cervical AP (Open Mouth)
    • Cervical AP Bending
    • Cervical APL
    • Cervical APL And Open Mouth (Routine)
    • Cervical Flexion
    • Cervical Flexion And Extension
    • Cervical Methods
    • Cervical Oblique
    • Cervicothoracic APL (Routine)
    • Cervicothoracic Swimmers
    • Chest Apico
    • Chest APL
    • Chest Bucky
    • Chest Decubitus
    • Chest LAO, RAO, LPO, RPO
    • Chest LAT
    • Chest PA
    • Chest PAL
    • Clavicle AP
    • Clavicle Axial
    • Coccyx APL
    • Elbow APL
    • Elbow Axial
    • Elbow Oblique
    • Elbow Partial Flexion
    • Facial Bone LAT
    • Facial Bone PA
    • Facial Bone PA Axial (Caldwell Method)
    • Facial Bone Parietoacanthial (Modified Waters)
    • Facial Bone Waters And Soft Tissue LAT (Routine)
    • Femur AP
    • Femur APL (Routine)
    • Femur LAT
    • Foot AP Axial (Weight Bearing Composite)
    • Foot AP Oblique (Lateral Rotation)
    • Foot AP Oblique (Medial Rotation)
    • Foot AP Weight Bearing
    • Foot APLO
    • Foot Longitudinal Arch Lateromedial (Weight Bearing)
    • Foot PA Oblique (Grashey Method)
    • Forearm (Special Request)
    • Forearm APL
    • Hand AP (Burman Method)
    • Hand AP (Carpometacarpal Joint)
    • Hand AP (Folio Method)
    • Hand Ballcatcher
    • Hand PALO
    • Hip Acetabulum PA Axial (Teufel Method)
    • Hip Acetubulum RPO/LPO (Judet Method)
    • Hip AP
    • Hip Axiolateral (Clements-nakayama Modification)
    • Hip Axiolateral (Danelius-miller Method)
    • Hip Axiolateral (Friedman Method)
    • Hip Bilateral
    • Hip Cleaves
    • Hip Lorenz
    • Hip Mediolateral (Dunn View)
    • Hip Mediolateral Oblique (Lilienfeld Method)
    • Hip PA-oblique (Hsieh Method)
    • Humerus AP (Int/ext Rotation)
    • Humerus LAT
    • Intercondylar Fossa AP
    • Intercondylar Fossa PA Axial Camp
    • Intercondylar Fossa PA Axial Camp-coventry Method
    • Intercondylar Fossa PA Axial Hom
    • Intravenous Pyelography
    • Knee AP Oblique
    • Knee AP Weight Bearing
    • Knee AP, LAT
    • Knee Axial Beclere Method
    • Knee Bilateral
    • Knee LAT
    • Knee PA
    • Knee PA Weight Bearing
    • Leg APL (Routine)
    • Lumbar AP Bending
    • Lumbar APL
    • Lumbar LAT Hyper Flex.ext
    • Lumbar OBL
    • Lumbar Plain
    • Mandible (Modified Towne Method)
    • Mandible Axiolateral, OBL
    • Mandible PA
    • Mandible PA Bilateral OBL (Routine)
    • Mandible Submento
    • Mastoids Series (Townes And Laws)
    • Nasal Bone Axial
    • Nasal Bone Lateral
    • Optic Foramen
    • Orbits Bil. Rheses’ View
    • Orbits PA, LAT
    • Orbits Waters
    • Os-calsis Study (Os-calsis View, Lateral)
    • Paranasal Sinus Caldwell
    • Paranasal Sinus Lateral
    • Paranasal Sinus Submentovertical
    • Paranasal Sinus Waters
    • Patella (Hughston Method)
    • Patella (Kuchendorf Method)
    • Patella (Merchant Method)
    • Patella PALO
    • Patella Setiegast Method (Sunrise)
    • Patella Skyline
    • Pelvis AP
    • Pelvis AP Axial (Outlet Taylor Method)
    • Pelvis Axial
    • Pelvis Axial (Chassard-Lapine Method)
    • Pelvis Ilium AP Oblique
    • Pelvis Ilium PA Oblique
    • Pelvis Judet
    • Pelvis Lateral
    • Pelvis PA
    • Pelvis PA Axial Inlet (Staunig Method)
    • Pelvis Superoinferior Axial Inlet (Lilienfeld Method)
    • PNS Complete Routine (Caldwells,waters,lat)
    • PNS Modified Routine (Caldwells, Waters)
    • Ribs LAO, RAO, LPO, RPO
    • Sacro-iliac Joint (AP, RPO ,LPO)
    • Sacrum APL
    • Scapula AP
    • Scapula APL (Routine)
    • Scapula LAT
    • Scapula Outlet
    • Scapula Y
    • Scoliotic Series
    • Sella Turcica AP
    • Sella Turcica LAT
    • Shoulder AP
    • Shoulder Axial
    • Shoulder Grashey
    • Shoulder Inferosuperior Axial (West Point Method)
    • Shoulder Int, Ext Rot
    • Shoulder Transthoracic (Clemens Method)
    • Shoulder Transthoracic (Lawrence Method)
    • Shoulder Trauma (Neer Method)
    • Skeletal Survey
    • Skull AP Axial (Towne Method)
    • Skull APL
    • Skull PA Axial (Caldwell Method)
    • Skull PA Axial (Haas Method)
    • Skull Submentovertical
    • Skull Waters
    • Small Intestinal Series
    • Spine And Hip (Routine)
    • Sternoclavicular Axiolateral (Kurzbauer Method)
    • Sternoclavicular Heinig
    • Sternoclavicular Hobbs
    • Sternoclavicular Oblique
    • Sternoclavicular Prone
    • Sternoclavicular Supine
    • Sternum Erect, Prone
    • Sternum Lateral
    • Sternum RAO/LAO
    • Thoracic APL (Routine)
    • Thoracic Obl
    • Thoracolumbar APL (Standing)
    • TMJ Axiolateral (Open, close)
    • TMJ Axiolateral Obl (Open, close)
    • TMJ Townes (Open, close)
    • Total Whole Body (Routine)
    • Wrist PA Axial (Stecher Method)
    • Wrist PAL (Routine)
    • Wrist PALO
    • Wrist Radial, Ulnar Deviation
    • Wrist Tangential Inferosuperior
    • Wrist Tangential Inferosuperior (Gaynor-hart Method)
    • Wrist Tangential View (Carpal Bridge)
    • Wrist TrAPezium PA Axial (Nakayama Method)
    • Zygomatic Bone (Waters)
    • Zygomatic Bone AP Axial (Submentovertex)
    • Zygomatic Bone Arch
    • Zygomatic Bone Bilateral Basiliar Obliques (Obli Axial)
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    Laboratory Test Services

    Our laboratory test services work to give you faster lab results for faster patient treatm ...

    COVID-19 Testing
    • COVID-19 IgG and IgM Antibody Testing
    • COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Testing
    • COVID-19 RT-PCR Testing
    • Bleeding Time (BT)
    • Bone Marrow Smear
    • Clotting Time (CT)
    • Complete Blood Count (CBC)
    • Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR)
    • Peripheral Blood Smear Evaluation (PBS)
    • Prothrombin Time (PT)
    Clinical Microscopy
    • Acid Fast Stain (AFB)
    • Gram Stain
    • KOH Prep (Wet Mount)
    • Culture and Sensitivity Test
      • Sputum
      • Stool
      • Throat
      • Urethral/Vaginal Discharge
      • Urine
      • Wound discharge
    • Gynecologic Cytology
    • Non-Gynecologic Cytology
    • Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsy (FNAB)
    • Routine Biopsy (Small, Medium, and Large)
    Clinical Chemistry - Immunology
    • Antinuclear Antibody (Anti-nDNA)
    • Alpha-Fetoprotein (AFP)
    • Albumin Serum Sample
    • Amylase Serum Sample
    • Antibody to Hepatitis Screening
      • Antibody to Hepatitis B Antigen (Anti-HBs)
      • Antibody to Hepatitis A IgG/IgM (Anti-HAV IgG/IgM)
      • Antibody to Hepatitis A IgM (HAVAB IgM)
      • Antibody to Hepatitis B Core Antigen IgG/IgM (Anti-HBc IgG/IgM)
      • Antibody to Hepatitis B Core Antigen IgM (Anti-HBc IgM)
      • Antibody to Hepatitis C (Anti-HCV)
      • Antibody to HBe Antigen (Anti-HBe)
    • Anti-HIV 1/2 (Qualitative)
    • Bilirubin
      • Direct
      • Indirect
      • Total
    • Complement C3
    • CA 125
    • CA 19-9
    • Calcium - Total
    • Carcinoembryonic Antigen (CEA)
    • Chlamydia Trachomatis Antigen
    • Chloride Serum Sample
    • Cholesterol - Total
    • High-Density Lipoprotein (HDL) Cholesterol
    • Low-Density Lipoprotein (LDL) Cholesterol
    • Cholinesterase
    • Cortisol
    • Creatinine sample
      • Serum
      • Urine
    • High-sensitivity C – Reactive Protein (hs-CRP)
    • Dengue NS1/IgG/IgM
    • Estradiol
    • Ferritin
    • Free T3 (FT3)
    • Free T4 (FT4)
    • Folate/Folic Acid
    • Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH)
    • Gamma-Glutamyl Transferase (GGT)
    • Glucose 2-Hour Postprandial (2-hour PPG)
    • Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT) - 75g
    • Glucose
      • Fasting Blood Sugar (FBS)
      • Capillary Blood Sugar (CBS)
      • Random Blood Sugar (RBS)
    • Glycosylated Hgb/ Glycohemoglobin (HbA1c)
    • HBsAg
      • Qualitative
      • Quantitative
    • HIV Ag/Ab (Quantitative)
    • Iron Serum Sample
    • Lactate Dehydrogenase (LDH)
    • Luteinizing Hormone (LH)
    • Malaria (Qualitative)
    • Acid Phosphatase (ACP)
    • Alkaline Phosphatase (ALP)
    • Phosphorus
    • Potassium serum sample
    • Prostate-specific Antigen (PSA) - Total
    • Protein
      • Total
      • Urine
    • Rapid Plasma Reagin (RPR)
    • Rheumatoid Factor (Qualitative)
    • Salmonella IgG/IgM
    • Serum Glutamic-Oxaloacetic Transaminase (SGOT/AST)
    • Serum Glutamic-Pyruvic Transaminase (SGPT/ALT)
    • Total T3 (TT3)
    • Total T4 (TT4)
    • Triglyceride
    • Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN) serum sample
    • Blood Uric Acid (BUA) serum sample
    • Vitamin B12
    • Vitamin D
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    Ear, Nose & Throat | Head & Neck Surgery Unit

    Ear, Nose & Throat | Head & Neck Surgery Unit is a specialized unit to provide you with co ...

    Ear Irrigation
    ENT Otoplasty
    Flexible Laryngoscopy
    Flexible Nasal Endoscopy
    Newborn Hearing Test
    Pure Tone Audiometry
    Removal of Foreign Body
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    Cardiovascular Health and Wellness

    Our cardiovascular unit consists of specially trained and certified cardiac and vascular s ...

    24-hour BP Monitoring
    24-hour Holter Monitoring
    2D Echocardiogram (Echo)
    • Plain
    • With Doppler
    • With Global Longitudinal Strain
    Abdominal Aorta Duplex Scan
    Agitated Saline Contrast Echo
    Ankle Brachial Pressure Index With Photoplethysmography
    AV Mapping for Creation of Dialysis Access
    Carotid Duplex Scan
    Dobutamine Stress Echocardiography (ECG)
    Echo (12, 13, 15 leads)
    Evaluation of Dialysis Access
    Finger Brachial Index
    Flexi 2D Echo
    Arterial Duplex Scan with ABI
    Arterial and Venous Duplex Scans (lower and upper extremities)
    Pacific One Abdominal Duplex Scan
    Pacific One Treadmill Stress Test
    Pediatric 2D Echo
    Renal Artery Duplex Scan
    Segmental Pressure Waveform Analysis
    Transcranial Duplex Scan
    Transcranial Duplex Scan With Carotid Duplex Scan
    Transesophageal ECG
    Treadmill Stress Echo
    Treadmill Stress Test
    Vein Mapping (lower extremities)
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