In a time like this, it is only right to seek premium medical services in Cebu or wherever you may be. Our top priority is to ensure that we and our loved ones get the best treatment.

So whether you need any type of medical assistance, booking a The Hospital at Maayo room will ensure that you are given ample and high-quality medical attention.

If you think about it, finding and booking a hospital room in the middle of the pandemic can be stressful and burdensome. Ensuring that you are in good hands and well taken care of in a comfortable hospital room is worrying enough as well.

Let The Hospital at Maayo Cebu take care of your health with its premium and varied features to get you through your time of healing.

1. Pick from a variety of rooms available.

The cases of hospital bed shortages pose a huge challenge when getting immediate healthcare or being in quarantine. Fortunately, booking a The Hospital at Maayo room will put your worries to rest.

There are plenty of available rooms, with an equally clean and comfortable ambiance to get your health back in shape. Even better, The Hospital at Maayo offers different kinds of room, fit for your preferences:

  • Ward
  • Private rooms
  • Family room
  • Specialty suites

2. Access affordable rates compared to other hospitals in the area.

Most of us are already aware that getting medical treatment comes with a hefty price tag. In addition to preliminary check-ups and even the swab test alone is already expensive. On top of that, you also have to think of other possible expenses: room prices, medicine, and additional medical tests for other symptoms that may appear.

With The Hospital at Maayo medical rooms, you have more access to the following affordable room rates:

  • Ward – PHP 1,800/day
  • Private room – PHP 3,500/day
  • Family Room – Php 8,000/day
  • Specialty Suite – PHP 16,000/day
  • ICU room – PHP 7,500/day

3. Get back to good health in hotel-like rooms and setup.

Being in a hospital can be nerve-wracking. Waiting for days to go by and curing your symptoms can cause stress and feelings of isolation.

This is why it is crucial to stay in a medical facility that is conducive to your well-being. Thankfully, you are sure to recover well in The Hospital at Maayo room, because it is built exactly to help you feel comfortable and get back to health.

The Hospital at Maayo has hotel-like rooms and facilities. They have spacious Family rooms, with sofas and additional furniture to give a comfortable and at-home feeling. All bed frames are sophisticatedly inspired from Maayo Hotel. Also, private specialty rooms have bathtubs available for your use.

4. Go through smooth and stress-free medical services.

Most of us already know the drill: maintain social distancing at all times, and avoid crowds as much as possible. But that will be difficult to do if you need to buy food, settle hospital payments, or ask for assistance for other medical needs. The situation is even more complicated if you are in COVID-19 isolation.

Rest assured, The Hospital at Maayo will help you focus on your well-being and recovery above all costs. You don’t worry about your next healthy meal, because they have butler service available for all private rooms.

No need to settle the payment at counter/hospital admin rooms as well; your personal butler will handle it too. You can even request assistance in health and non-health-related concerns.

5. Stay with professional and accommodating medical personnel.

Whenever we feel sick, we seek compassion from everyone around us. We would want to be taken care of by accommodating and kind medical personnel during our stay.

The Hospital at Maayo rooms is not the only thing that is conducive for your well-being. The hospital staff and doctors are friendly and accommodating individuals who will help you get well and feel better. All of the doctors and health staff are especially truly capable medical professionals so that you have fewer worries as you recover.

6. Experience modern and traditional healing methods.

Everyone wants to get well at all costs, especially if you are a confirmed COVID-19 patient. We want to recover quickly and finally spend more time with our loved ones. In this regard, some of us will want to seek both modern and traditional healing methods. Fortunately, The Hospital at Maayo has both of these services available for you.

Booking a The Hospital at Maayo room gives you access to new and the latest technology and facilities in medicine, as well as proven traditional services that benefited Filipinos through time.

Don’t hesitate to book an appointment with only trusted and professional medical professionals in The Hospital at Maayo. We offer options for modern and traditional healing services, both of which are scientifically advised.

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