Have you ever been in a situation where you want to consult with a doctor but you’re too afraid to go out of the house in the fear of contracting COVID-19? Most of you might say yes.

Due to the rising number of active COVID-19 cases, people are encouraged to stay home, causing most transactions to be done online. Shopping, bills payment, food delivery – whatever service you name, it has an online transaction.

Today, there are medical services in Cebu like online doctor consultations – commonly referred to as telemedicine – thanks to modern technology.

What are online doctor consultations?

Medical News Today defines telemedicine or online doctor consultations as a method of providing medical care remotely, usually through video chat. It’s been used for decades now but only recently became popular most likely due to the increasing number of internet users amid the pandemic.

As people are encouraged to stay indoors most times, people have learned to resort to telemedicine for an initial assessment and diagnosis before proceeding to the clinic or hospital. In fact, a survey from Software Advice showed that 77% of the patients are interested in trying telemedicine.

What is perhaps the biggest reason why online doctor consultations are fast becoming popular is because of the convenience it offers to patients and healthcare providers. With online consultations, you can easily schedule an appointment which can be done in just a few minutes, instead of going to the clinic.

What online doctor consultations are like in Maayo Well

When it comes to quality medical providers, including online consultations, Maayo Well Clinic’s services have been highly regarded by clients. If you have a health concern you’d like to consult over a telemedicine call, here’s some proof of positive experiences from satisfied patients:

1. Good and kind in handling concerns

Photo courtesy of Maayo Well Facebook page

One of our worries in doing online consultations is how accurate the results can be when doctors are only able to ask us questions online. But worry no more as Maayo Well has a set of professional staff who will make sure that you will have the quality service that you deserve.

In Maayo Well, your questions will be handled properly. With an accommodating and knowledgeable staff, you will have a unique online check up experience.

2. Has an approachable and pleasant staff

Photo courtesy of Maayo Well Facebook page

Your anxieties shouldn’t be met with more friction, especially during an online doctor’s consultation. When it comes to these services, something as simple as approachable and pleasant staff can provide monumental ease for you amid your fears over your health.

After all, kindness goes a long way – even the smallest of them like being approachable and pleasant with your dealings with people. More so, when it comes to medical services online. With Maayo Well, you’re guaranteed to be greeted by accommodating and friendly doctors, nurses, and other staff.

3. Reliable health care provider

Photo courtesy of Maayo Well Facebook page

Indeed, it is hard to go outside for doctor consultation nowadays. With limited transportation and fear of contracting the virus, some people will just choose to stay home and set aside health issues that they may have.

But this should not be the case. With Maayo Well’s online consultation, you can consult your doctors easily! Don’t ignore your health issues. Take care of your health as there are medical providers who are willing to help you in every possible way.

4. Expert and skilled doctors

Photo courtesy of Maayo Well Facebook page

This pandemic has been a challenging time for all of us. With the increasing number of active cases everyday, the government needs to implement stricter community quarantine in some areas.

As if it is not stressful enough, we also feel that health issues sometimes that add up to our worries. But remember that you should not self-diagnose any health issues that you may have. Ask the experts and set up an online consultation immediately.

5. Overall satisfaction

Photo courtesy of Maayo Well Facebook page

Maayo Well Clinic will give you an overall satisfying experience like no other! Here, you will truly feel that they care for you and your health.

Be it online consultation or clinic visit, Maayo Well will provide exceptional customer experience like no other. You will feel overwhelmed and satisfied with the quality of service that they provide that you will be looking forward to every visit.

6. World-class health services

Photo courtesy of Maayo Well Facebook page

Are you tired of the neverending queue, grumpy staff, and low quality services that other medical providers give? Perhaps it’s your sign to consult other clinics

When it comes to your healthcare provider, never settle for less. You deserve a world-class experience – from the amenities and clinic staff to the medical expertise. In Maayo Well Clinic, you can have it all!

Online consultation is one of the trends right now in the medical field. This will save you time and energy which you can use instead to take care of yourself and your family. With all the testimonials of our satisfied customers, you know that Maayo Well Clinic will cater to your health-related needs. Schedule your online consultation now and experience a world-class medical provider like no other!

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