When you think of isolation rooms, what picture comes to your mind? The most common image you’d imagine might be dimly lit and stuffy rooms that impose on you the feeling that you’re being confined. Not the most comforting image, isn’t it?

Arguably, upholding the ideal standards for patient care delivery has become more of a challenge than ever before, pushing medical administrators to a grim corner of compromise. However, in that regard, it’s just fair to say that not all hope is lost in terms of meeting these standards despite the velocity with which COVID cases fill up hospitals.

Some medical services in Cebu offer facilities that help provide these accommodations and welcome and help patients in need.

Recovering well

One such facility is Maayo Isolation Center (MIC). Designed to provide the ideal patient care experience, this isolation facility is dedicated to aiding you or your COVID-positive loved ones in recovering well.

From round-the-clock care to hotel-like rooms, discover exactly how Maayo’s Isolation Center guarantees a pleasant recovery period:

1. Smooth admission process

Before the pandemic, waiting to get admitted into a room at your local hospital was already known to eat up much of your time. Typically, you’d be lucky if you only had to wait for an hour to hear from your nurse or doctor that you finally got room to rest and recover in.

But during a pandemic, time is of the essence in terms of making a difference in your medical outcome. That’s why at Maayo’s Isolation Center, admission is made to be the shortest and easiest process you’ll have to go through.

If you suspect yourself to have COVID-19 and have confirmatory test results, all you have to do is book a telephone or online doctor’s consultation with Maayo Well. After the interviews and initial assessments are done, pack your belongings and go to the Maayo Isolation Clinic to be admitted into your designated recovery room.

2. Clean, calm environment

What’s the first thing that comes to mind that you would want to do if you want to relax? We imagine it would be your comfortable bed at home, wouldn’t it? Or perhaps, a hotel room. But what does this have to do with you recovering from illness?

You’ll find that in fact, be it sanitation, providing a sense of safety, security, and comfort, your environment will have a massive impact on many facets of your holistic health. Experts have long been studying the effects of environmental design on medical outcomes, because of the subjective reports about it.

Roger Ulrich, an architect and original proponent of the theory, suggests that your medical outcomes and care quality may be affected by the design quality of your physical environment. In the same sense, Maayo Isolation Center boasts a high-care and high-touch facility that balances medical functionality and sanitation with thoughtful design elements.

The rooms go above and beyond being just a functional place to recover, but it also takes into consideration your level of comfort. Apart from reducing stressors, elements that promote calm and comfort are also incorporated into the hotel-reminiscent rooms.

When you stay at Maayo Isolation Center, you may even begin to wonder if you’re at an isolation facility at all.

3. Warm and attentive caregivers

But more than a comfortable environment and efficient admission process, the best way Maayo Isolation Center helps you recover is through the care of warm and competent medical experts.

At Maayo Isolation Center, your recovery is being handled by world-class doctors, nurses, and staff. They are on top of your medical situation 24/7 and are able to address your concerns in a highly competent and, more importantly, compassionate way.

Surely, with their expertise, you’ll be left with nothing to worry about in terms of recovering well from COVID-19.

Wanting to recover from disease, and from COVID nonetheless, is a very stressful experience. While recovering at home can be just as good, worries about your loved ones getting sick too, might just add up to the stress your body is going through. Ultimately, recovering at a dedicated recovery facility is the ideal option for you and your family.

Recovering well at Maayo Isolation Center eliminates every possible cause of stress and provides you with top-notch medical care so you won’t have to worry about a single thing.

For more information about Maayo Isolation Center or to book an online consultation with our doctors, you may reach out via our website. For other practical tips on preventive health care provided by our doctors, feel free to browse the Maayo Well blog.

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