Inpatient Department

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    Inpatient Department

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    Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

    Our NICU is always ready to treat infants in critical condition. Our facilities are well-e ...

    Critical Care for Newborn
    Infant Circumcision
    Infant Electrocardiogram (ECG)
    Expanded Newborn Screening
    Immediate Newborn Care
    Newborn Hearing Screening
    Cardiovascular Monitoring
    Breastfeeding Support
    Other Medical Equipment:
    • Radiant Warmer
    • Incubators
    • Phototheraphy
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    COVID-19 Isolation Center

    Quarantine in a medical facility designed to help you recover quicker from COVID-19. Exper ...

    Our Isolation Centers are fully equipped with the following inclusions:
    • Fully Air-Conditioned accommodations
    • Telemedicine Consultation (for pre-admission assessment)
    • 24/7 Nurse Monitoring
    • e-Health kit upon arrival
    • Complimentary high-speed internet access
    • Exclusive key card access
    • Disinfection and Sanitation Areas (for visitors)
    • Concierge and Delivery Services (within specific time)
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    Labor and Delivery Unit

    Our family-centered Labor and Delivery Unit offers expectant families a comfortable and we ...

    Normal Delivery
    Cesarean Section Delivery
    High Risk Pregnancy Rooms
    Private Labor and Delivery Rooms & Suites
    Labor Monitoring
    Recovery Room
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    Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

    Our ICU has the capacity to support patients in critical condition through state-of-the-ar ...

    Critical Care
    Tracheostomy Care
    Cardiovascular Monitoring
    Intensive Care Hemodialysis
    Lumbar Tap
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    Specialty Suites

    Our modernized specialty suites embody a premier hospital experience unlike any other with ...

    Specialty Suite amenities include:
    • Fully Air Conditioned Space
    • Living Room
    • Dining Area
    • Kitchen Area (with microwave oven and kettle)
    • Mini Refrigerator
    • One (1) Master Bedroom
    • Two (2) Bathrooms With Bathtub for Master Room
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    Private Rooms

    Our standard hospital rooms offer you a superb blend of excellent health service, privacy, ...

    Private Room amenities include:
    • Fully Air Conditioned Space
    • One (1) standard private bed
    • Cold Storage (Chiller)
    • Single Bathroom With Shower
    • Zen-like View of Cebu City Skyline
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    Hospital Wards

    Have your loved ones close by while being treated at our hospital ward. Aside from a separ ...

    Cohort Wards
    Isolation wards
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    Family Rooms

    Our hospital rooms for families include all the amenities of our standard private rooms in ...

    Family Room amenities include:
    • Fully Air Conditioned Space
    • Separate Visitor Area
    • Two (2) Standard Beds
    • Dining Area
    • Cold Storage (Chiller)
    • Single Bathroom With Shower
    • Zen-like View of Cebu City Skyline
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