When it comes to healthcare, it is important that you partner with a medical institution that is trusted and reliable. If you live in Cebu, you are fortunate because one of the best hospitals in the country is situated there.

If you are feeling ill or displaying any symptoms of illness, you should consult a health professional as soon as you can. There’s a variety of medical services in Cebu with an option for online check ups or visiting the hospital personally.

What and where is The Hospital at Maayo?

The Hospital at Maayo is one of the top-notch hospitals in Cebu, Philippines located at U.N. Avenue, corner DM Cortes St., Alang-alang, Mandaue City. This modern outpatient medical institution is dedicated to providing you a patient-centered wellness experience so that as you try to get better, you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Being one of the favored hospitals in Cebu, Philippines, The Hospital at Maayo promises a care that puts you first. When you put your health in their hands, you are assured of convenience, reduced anxiety, lower costs, and faster procedures you wouldn’t experience elsewhere.

22 Reasons Why The Hospital at Maayo is Your Most Trusted Hospital in Cebu

Aside from providing good healthcare, here are other reasons why The Hospital at Maayo should be your top choice when selecting which hospital in Cebu City you should go to if you want to get an executive check-up or other healthcare assistance.

1. Extraordinary physicians and medical experts

Professional doctors and medical practitioners with experience in the field will handle your health concerns and medical treatment so you can rely on their advice, expertise, and performance of medical procedures if needed. Aside from their professionalism, these doctors are also very warm and thoughtful about their patients.

2. Outstanding caregivers

Aside from their thoughtfulness, professional doctors, nurses, caregivers, and other staff at The Hospital at Maayo are very much empathetic toward their patients. They are very patient in attending to the health care needs of each patient to make sure that they are comfortable throughout their stay or during their check-ups and quarantine stay.

The caregivers and other staff are well-versed in Cebuano, Tagalog, and English – communicating well to every patient, they are able to provide the needs of all of their patients.

3. Highly accessible address

The Hospital at Maayo is truly one of the best hospitals in Cebu, Philippines because of its strategic location. This hospital is located along the main road and is only a few minutes away from the Mactan-Cebu International Airport and other subdivisions and condos in Cebu City.

4. Easy access within the facility

Patients who want or need to go around the facility will find it convenient to do so. The areas at The Hospital are marked so finding what you want and where you want to be is relatively easy. You can also ask for assistance from one of the friendly hospital staff to help you get to your destination.

Guests and relatives of the patient will also get assistance to easily access their relatives who are currently getting treatment from The Hospital.

5. Great technology

The Hospital at Maayo’s Laboratory Services invested in state-of-the-art medical equipment to provide you with accurate, fast, and reliable results. You don’t need to wait for long hours, even days, or weeks before getting the results of your lab tests.

6. A unique healing environment

Hospitals are often colored white to showcase its cleanliness. When you visit The Hospital at Maayo, you won’t feel overwhelmed with whites because the whole hospital doesn’t feel and look like one. As a matter of fact, it looks like a hotel! So during your stay, you won’t feel confined in a hospital, instead on a retreat at a posh hotel.

The architectural design and interior design of the hospital is designed to help calm visitors and patients. This will help you regain your health and remain positive while you get your needed medical attention in the hospital.

7. DOH-endorsed medical acility

The Hospital At Maayo is a truly one-of-a-kind hospital in Cebu City because it is the first to be endorsed by the Department of Health as a medical facility outside Metro Manila following the standards, protocols, and guidelines set by the DOH and PhilHealth. So you can trust that you are in good hands once you seek medical attention from The Hospital at Maayo.

Moreover, it won’t cause you an arm and leg when you seek medical care here because their international-grade services are reasonably priced.

8. A frontrunner in medical programs

Aside from providing preventive and curative services, The Hospital at Maayo also has holistic and wellness programs. These programs are curated to make sure that you and your family live a healthy and long life that is not deprived of things that spark joy such as their Nutrition Services, which helps you not only plan your meals but even prepare and deliver them to your home if you are too busy to cook for yourself.

9. Convenient payment methods

You can pay your bill at The Hospital at Maayo via cash or card. They use a tap-and-pay system to ensure convenience. For HMO holders, you can also enjoy a stress-free letter of authority (LOA) verification. So you won’t have to worry about proving to your work why you need to take a leave for health reasons.

10. Commitment to patient safety

The facility of The Hospital at Maayo uses international standards to make sure that all their patients are safe when they undergo medical procedures. Moreover, the hospital has guards roaming 24/7 to make sure that aside from patients, everyone at the hospital is safe.

11. Personalized care

All patients need different care and attention. Medical practitioners and caretakers at The Hospital at Maayo make sure that you get the best care according to your needs. They take the time to tailor fit a specific care that will help you recover fast and conveniently.

12. Best accommodations

Rooms at The Hospital at Maayo are spacious, even the ward, so you can have the peace and quiet you need to relax and recover from your illness. They also offer hospital suites, some of which even have a bathtub and spacious beds which will make patients and their families taking care of them feel like they’re on a vacation.

13. On-call butler services are available

When you stay in a private room or specialty suite at The Hospital at Maayo, you will be entitled to butler services which will all the more make you feel that you are on a hotel staycation. These friendly and hardworking staff are ready to help you accomplish non-health related tasks such as settling your payments so that you and your family can enjoy spending time together while you are getting better at The Hospital.

14. Trust and communication

Patients can comfortably share their thoughts to professional doctors who are willing to hear them out. These doctors will provide different practical options available so that you can avail the best healthcare services that you require.

15. Equal treatment of patients

The staff at The Hospital at Maayo does a fair and equal treatment to all their patients, young and old. Healthcare has taken the top spot of everyone’s priorities; it’s crucial that you take extra care of yourself to be at your best. With The Hospital at Maayo, you can be sure that for the money you pay, you get the best quality treatment.

16. Modern and traditional healing

From ENT services down to numerous multi-specialty services, all these are available at The Hospital at Maayo — making it a truly special hospital in Cebu, Philippines. They offer Aesthetics, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, and a whole lot more. They also offer traditional massage such as hilot and body conditioning services you won’t easily get at all hospitals in the country, particularly in Cebu.

17. Honesty of employees

Employees at The Hospital at Maayo are trustworthy.

They make sure that you get what you pay for and that accurate results are given to you. Doctors here are very transparent with their patients and their families about the physical state of their patients.

Moreover, staff at The Hospital are trustworthy in the sense that if you misplace a personal item, they will make sure that they will be returned to you.

18. Confidentiality of sensitive information

With The Hospital’s integrated Health Information System, doctors have easy access to patient records and diagnostic results.

However, these private details are not divulged to other parties nor are they disclosed for non-related medical reasons. So you can be sure that all your data are used for the right purposes.

19. Involved in research

Professional doctors in The Hospital at Maayo are very much involved in research to make sure that they are up-to-date with different medical practices and treatment to make sure that you get the best healthcare service.

20. Maayo Health blogs

The Hospital at Maayo has a blog you can always read up on to be on the know of the latest health and wellness best practices you and your family can adapt to make sure that you lead a healthy lifestyle and prevent the progression of any unwanted illness you may already have.

The well-researched blog articles at Maayo’s website are not only informative, but also fun to read.

21. Adaptable to the changing needs of patients

The Hospital at Maayo is also a relaxing and safe place where you can isolate yourself if you are recovering from the coronavirus. Their COVID-19 isolation rooms have a calm and clean environment tended by warm and attentive caregivers.

You won’t feel bored for the 7 to 14 days you have to spend at the Maayo Isolation Center for quarantine purposes.

22. Overall quality

Expect nothing but the best at The Hospital at Maayo, one of the sought-after hospitals in Cebu, Philippines. They are composed of professionals and friendly staff that prioritize their patients’ welfare above anything else. They invest in world-class facilities to make sure that you get the best care for body and mind.

Get the best value for your money by availing the different medical and healthcare services at The Hospital at Maayo.

You won’t regret putting you and your families’ health and lives in their hands. When you need medical attention, don’t look further. Set an appointment at The Hospital at Maayo today!


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