Outpatient Department

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    Outpatient Department

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    Online Consultation

    Inquire us for online consultation. ...

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    Executive Check-up

    Our Executive Check-up (ECU) makes holistic assessment and diagnosis accessible and conven ...

    Our Services: Basic Executive Package | Php 5,000.00
    • Serum Glutamic-Pyruvic
    • Transaminase SGPT/ALT)
    • Uric Acid, Serum (BUA)
    • Creatinine, Serum
    • Glucose, Fasting (FBS)
    • Lipid Panel
    • Serum Glutamic-Oxaloacetic Transaminase (SGOT/AST)
    • Sodium, Serum
    • Calcium, Total
    • Potassium, Serum
    • Complete Blood Count (CBC)
    • Urinalysis, Routine
    • ECG (12 Leads)
    • CHEST PA
    • Post Consultation*
    • Complimentary Meal**
    Get Our Most Complete Check-up Package yet! Comprehensive Executive Package | Php 14,500.00
    • Bilirubin, Direct Bilirubin, Direct
    • Bilirubin, Total
    • Thyroid Panel C (FT3, FT4, TSH)
    • Prothrombin Time (PT)
    • Calcium, Total
    • Protein, Total (Serum)
    • Phosphate, Alkaline (ALP)
    • Albumin, Serum
    • Serum Glutamic-Oxaloacetic Transaminase (SGOT/AST)
    • Sodium, Serum
    • Urine Micral Test
    • Potassium, Serum
    • HBsAg (Qualitative)
    • Uric Acid, Serum (BUA)
    • Glycosylated Hgb/Glycohemoglobin (HBA1c)
    • Serum Glutamic-Pyruvic Transaminase (SGPT/ALT)
    • Glucose, Fasting (FBS)
    • Lipid Panel
    • Complete Blood Count (CBC)
    •  Urinalysis, Routine
    • Occult Blood Test (FOBT)
    • Fibro-scan
    • 2D Echo cardiogram with Doppler
    • ECG (12 Leads)
    • CHEST PA
    • Post Consultation*
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    Physical Wellness and Rehabilitation

    The Physical Wellness and Rehabilitation (PWR) Unit offers outpatient physical rehabil ...

    • Physiatric Evaluation & Assessment
    Physical Therapy
    • Pain Management (Manual Therapy and the latest modalities)
    • Hydrotherapy (for neurorehabilitation & musculoskeletal conditions)
    Physical Wellness
    • Lap Swimming (without lessons)
    • Fitness Training
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    Nutrition Clinic

    Our Nutritional Care Unit offers a variety of services on education, counseling, and food ...

    One-on-One Nutrition Program:
    • Nutrition Counselling
    • Meal Plan
    • 3-day Personalized Meal Plan
    • 1-week Personalized Meal Plan
    • 2-Month Wellness Package
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    Hemodialysis Unit

    Our Hemodialysis Unit is designed to give you maximum comfort while being treated by a com ...

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    Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)

    Reach your wellness and fitness goals easily with our HBOT sessions. This therapeutic serv ...

    Each HBOT sessions lasts for three (3) hours to help you experience:
    • Quicker wound recoveries
    • Increased blood circulation
    • Faster cell regeneration
    • Increases collagen production
    • Reduces the effects of harmful bacteria and toxins
    • Better sleep quality
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    Emergency Room and Services

    You can count on us 24/7 as your first response to medical emergencies. Our competent ER s ...

    Ambulance Transport
    Urgent care
    • Emergency Consultation (Initial diagnostic work-up)
    • Emergency Admission
    Non-urgent care
    • Bite management
    • Ambulatory services
    • Loading of antibiotics
    Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Stabilization
    Trauma Care
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    Pedia Development

    We help you understand and manage your child’s behavior to unleash their full potential. ...

    Comprehensive Assessment and Customized Care for:
    • Toddlers (ages 12 months-36 months)
    • Preschoolers (ages 3–5 years)
    • School-aged children (ages 6–14 years)
    • Adolescents (ages 15–18)
    Consultation and Evaluation
    Referrals to Medical Specialties and Early Intervention Programs (as needed)
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    Women’s Wellness Unit

    Our Women’s Wellness Unit's modern facilities cater to various ultrasound and sonography ...

    OB/GYN consultations
    Pap Smear
    Ultrasound (Pelvic, Transrectal, Transvaginal)
    Minor Procedures
    • Biopsy (Endometrial, endocrivical, cervic)
    • Colposcopy
    • Cryosurgery
    4D Ultrasound
    • Biophysical Profile
    • Doppler Velocimetry
    Clinical Breast Exam
    Congenital Anomaly Scan
    Insertion/Removal of IUD
    Non-invasive Prenatal Test
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